SilverSky Email Protection Suite Review

SilverSky Email Protection Suite is a service that provides 24-hour monitoring of email systems in regulated industries such as retail, finance and health care. The program enables administrators to detect and correct targeted attacks, longline phishing or spear phishing. Content filtering functionality allows team members to identify, monitor and block inappropriate and non-compliant data. The social engineering protection module allows users to protect the e-mail platform from non-payload attacks, such as CEO fraud and corporate e-mail compromise (BEC). It also allows employees to use anti-spam technology to automatically block malicious software and spam at the gateway. Allows administrators to set up policy-based message encryption to ensure a secure user experience.


Here is an overview of the main features of this email archiving software:


  • Reduce Exposure and Liability: protect your email with anti-virus and anti-spam technologies that block malicious software and spam at the gateway
  • Protect the Human Element: it protects your end users from social engineering attacks such as business email compromise, whaling, and CEO fraud
  • Stop Attacks with Cloud-Based Protection: the advanced, cloud-based service stops targeted attacks, spear and longline phishing, and advanced zero-day exploits without relying on anti-virus signatures
  • Prevent Data Loss: it helps companies of all sizes guard against insider threats with content-aware policies normally reserved for standalone enterprise technology solutions
  • Add a Layer of Protection: the policy-based email encryption makes it easy to send encrypted secure email to anyone, regardless of their email system
  • Ensure Email Continuity: messages are stored in our secure offsite data center where e-discovery and audit requests can be fulfilled while maintaining business continuity
  • Automate Archiving: automated archiving increases accuracy and efficiency and allows you to easily access stored communications for review, discovery, and audit.


SilverSky Email Protection Suite is an email archiving solution that facilitates integration with various third-party email platforms, such as Office 365 and Gmail.

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Usability: 9 /10 Speed: 9 /10 Features: 8 /10 Support: 9.5 /10 Pricing: 7 /10

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