ePub reader for Windows 10: the best 5

ePub reader for Windows 10? There are several of them, and although they are not the best solution – we think an ebook should be read on a device designed for reading – they do their job and allow you to read novels, manuals, guides.

Let’s not forget, however, that Microsoft has been supporting touchscreens on Windows for some time, and there’s a fashion for notebook/tablets hybrids that have been spreading in recent years.

Below we list the best ePub reader for Windows 10, many of which are free.


Sumatra was Accurate Reviews choice as best PDF reader for Windows, but is a great reader of digital books anyway. It has a clean interface, is damn fast and it’s very solid.


The Swiss-army knife for ebooks: a software that can convert them into many different formats, which is used by many people to manage their digital books.


It’s the ebook reading app companion to Barnes & Noble’s ebook reader. In addition to reading books, you can buy them on the dedicated store, along with magazines, newspapers, and comics.


Speaking of comics, Cover is a great app for reading digital comics that you can use to read ebooks with ease. It supports several formats.


Honorable mention for Freda, which in addition to reading ePub also supports HTML files as well as viewing them as a book. Very useful.

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