Google Search and our privacy: how to defend ourselves from further attempts to monetize our lives

In these last few weeks, Google is once again trying to monetize all the data it collects on us. True, the services it offers are of the highest quality, and somehow the company has to earn some money, but the use of our data is something we think has to remain in our hands. But then again, everybody has to choose for themselves: especially on their data usage.

Here we explain how to make your profile “safe” so that confidential information can not be displayed during a search. The latest Google Search news is, in fact, a tab labeled “Personal”, showing results related to our Gmail, Calendar, Photos. This is somehow similar and different from what already happens, such as our history influencing search results. And in our opinion is a violation of our privacy, although it’s true and undeniable that we only see things that are already ours and live in another part of Google’s ecosystem.

Google Search: how to turn off private results

To avoid searching through your information, you need to take a few simple steps.

  • Log in to Google.
  • Go to the Search Settings page.
  • Verify that “Do Not Use Private Results” is selected.
  • Done :)
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