Evernote: organize your work

Have you ever heard about Evernote? We will walk you through how to use this useful service.


Today the Accurate Reviews experts want to talk to you about Evernote, an app to better organize your work, write down commitments and to-dos, ideas and appointments. Keep reading to learn more.


Evernote is an application that aims to improve your organization in the workplace. The idea is to offer you a space where you can save your data, notes and commitments and keep everything at hand. Access your saved documents – such as shopping list, receipts, invoices and everything else that can be useful in your everyday life. In addition to this, you can create goals, projects, write articles, organize notes – just like a real notebook. Evernote features a powerful search, which can help you navigate your documents, photos or PDFs.


After downloading, register by entering your information. Alternatively, sign up with your Google account. Now choose the Basic or the Premium version. The first one is totally free but has an upload limit of 60 MB per month so it’s good for personal use. The premium version is paid and includes 10 GB of uploads per month plus viewing notes in presentation mode, accessing notes offline, sending emails directly from the app and much more. But before you subscribe to the Premium service, try it for free for 30 days. There’s also a Business version available, which is dedicated to businesses and work teams. This, of course, also has a 30-day free trial.

Evernote is available for both the web and for smartphones and tablets, compatible with iOS and Android devices. Here’s where you can download it for free:

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