Glovo: home delivery app

The Glovo app delivers everything you need directly to your home.


Glovo is a Spanish start-up founded in 2015 by Oscar Pierre and Sacha Michaud. Delivery is completed in less than an hour by independent couriers called “Glovers”. Started in Barcelona, ​​today it’s in over 30 cities around the world, in countries like Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, Peru, Ecuador, Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Morocco, Turkey and Egypt. The application can be downloaded for free on Apple or Android devices and can also be used on a web browser. The application allows customers to order what they want, whenever they want. Choose a categories: pharmaceuticals, food, gifts, flowers and much more.


This application is very easy to use: download it directly to your smartphone or tablet, enter your personal data and you’re done. Once the “glovo” (the order) has been placed, the customer can see the name of the “glover” who will deliver the order, his/her location and route, in real time. Whether you need cigarettes, a couple pizzas, sodas or a last-minute gift, a glover can help you and bring everything you need to your home. The application is not tied to a company or franchise, so virtually any store or restaurant can provide this service, including McDonalds and local businesses. Choose your products or dishes, confirm the order, pay by credit card or cash. A confirmation notification will let you know when your order is in the hands of the Glover. A promo code for your first order waives the delivery fee.


This application will satisfy your every need, at any time. Try it and leave a review on the service.

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