Faceapp: how the new app that is driving the internet crazy works

Lately, on social networks, the name of Faceapp has been synonymous with great popularity. The company that created this notorious application is called Wireless Lab, of which the CEO is the former manager of Yandex, Yaroslav Goncharov. The app was developed in January 2017 and can be downloaded and used for free for three days from the Google Play Store or from the App Store and allows you to directly publish your photos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. The process is simple: you take a picture of your face, or that of a friend, and with the age function you will see how you will be “elderly” or very young.

It also has many other effects such as changing your hairstyle, hair color, putting on a smile or trying eyeglasses, with a beard or goatee.

Also you can change the background, adjust the brightness, contrast, crop the photo and much more.

There are other applications like this for example:


Snapchat is another fun application available for both Android and iPhone. This program is focused on the quick sharing of videos and images, called snap, the interface is simple, with a large shutter button in the center and a button that allows you to switch from the front to the rear camera in the upper right. Tap the shutter button to shoot or hold for 15 seconds to make a video. The most important tool is a clock at the bottom, which is used to set a duration of your image, with this function your images are accessible only to the recipients for as long as you decide to record (unless they take a screenshot). You can choose a duration between one and ten seconds.



MixBooth is a fun photo application. It allows you to create your composition in just one minute. His main idea is to combine two different faces in a photo. You can make fun of your friends by replacing their faces, the result will make everyone laugh. To get started, you need to take a close-up of the face using the phone’s camera, indicate the eyes, mouth and chin in the editor, then select the second person and press MIX and you’re done. The application can be downloaded for both iPhone and Android devices.

There are many applications that allow you to rejuvenate, aging your photos or that of anyone else, have fun, be creative, publish on social networks. Also interesting are the professional photo retouching and photo editing programs that you can discover by visiting our special section.

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