Fishing Points: how the app for fishing enthusiasts works

Do you want to know the best fishing locations? Accurate Reviews experts recommend this application that will satisfy your every need.


The Fishing Points application allows you to find and save your favorite fishing locations and routes. Enjoy the satellite view from Google Maps or use the offline mode with nautical charts. Suitable for all offshore, lakes or rivers. Arrange for the fishing trip and find the best times using the solunar data, the tide forecast and the weather forecast. Create a fishing diary and save the details of each catch (photo, weight, length of the fish) and share with your friends. Weather, solunar and tide information is automatically added. The interface is presented in a simple, intuitive and well organized way.


The application with the basic features is free, but if you want to add specific features, the price varies from € 3.99 to € 24.99. Available for all Android and iPhone mobile devices.

Try it and leave your review.

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