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Top 2023 fitness solutions

  • Many gyms and sports centers have started to rely on management software that takes care of all the fitness and coaching part, arranging class schedules, accepting payments, and interacting with athletes.
    In this guide we have included the best fitness software, analyzing their pros and cons, value for money and the features they offer.

    1 Vagaro

    Vagaro is a management tool for gyms specialized in rendering services as a search engine for gyms, beauty salons and spas located in different locations. Organize all your company's activities and promotional offers, regardless of how small or large your business is. Customers can book an appointment with your center through the automated appointment booking feature.

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    2 Clubworx

    Clubworx is an easy-to-use gym management platform that provides solutions for martial arts professionals, personal trainers, and gym and studio owners. The program helps users manage their administrative and business processes, saving them time by increasing profitability and growing their business.

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    3 My PT Hub

    My PT Hub is a web-based gym management software designed for fitness professionals, trainers and nutritionists. Simple and easy to use, the platform allows users to create and customize training plans for their clients from its library of over 7,500 exercise videos.

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    4 PushPress

    PushPress is a solid cloud-based membership management software developed primarily to meet the needs of the fitness industry. It is a robust solution that simplifies daily gym routines such as billing, check-in, customer management, reservations, lead management and attendance tracking.

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    5 FitSW

    FitSW is a complete and feature-rich fitness software that helps companies grow and maximize customer success. It is a web-based solution that also has native apps for iOS and Android. This means that you have a communication tool that allows you to get in touch with your customers instantly.

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    6 TeamUp

    TeamUp is a management system for gyms that offers features for organizing lesson times, accepting payments and interacting with athletes. It also comes with reliable reporting tools that provide valuable insight into your members' experiences.

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    7 BookyWay

    BookyWay is a web-based booking application designed to help fitness businesses and other industries enable members to book classes or time slots to access equipment rooms. The platform allows teams to create classes and lessons from tablets or PCs, which can be shared with members using the free app.

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    8 Eversports Studio Manager

    Eversports Studio Manager is an ideal business management solution for independent fitness professionals such as athletic trainers, instructors and gyms. The solution offers modern and intuitive administration features that simplify time management, scheduling, payment collection, attendance management and more.

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    9 LuckyFit

    LuckyFit (formerly known as Solaris Fitness Cloud) is an easy-to-use and reliable cloud-based gym management system that simplifies the management and operations of fitness clubs, gyms, yoga studios, swimming pool facilities and beauty salons. Equipped with useful and automated tools and features it allows club owners and leaders to create and define different types of membership which helps them manage and distribute the products and services offered by their clubs.

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    10 TrueCoach

    TrueCoach is a fitness and coaching business management platform that acts as a one stop shop for owners' administrative needs. It is used by over 5,000 instructors and gyms around the world thanks to its solid functionality: it offers coaches a clear overview of their clients' training programs and progress to ensure they are on the right track.

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