Google Drive: what it is and how it works

Do you need Cloud storage that allows you to upload and share all your files with colleagues? Google Drive might be your best bet!


Today, Accurate Reviews experts will talk about Google Drive. If you have a Gmail account, access to Drive will be and immediate. Keep reading for more information.


Google Drive is a tool by Google that provides file storage in the Cloud though the web, which can be accessed from all your devices. Google Drive is in fact compatible with MacOS, Microsoft Windows, iOS and Android mobile devices. It offers 5 free gigabytes of space, expandable for those who need more space. In fact, your Google account provides 15 GB of free storage space that is divided between Gmail, Google Photos and Google Drive.
Google Drive allows access to a series of advanced tools such as Google Docs and office tools such as Sheets (spreadsheets), hand drawing programs, questionnaires, online surveys, word processing and much more.



As mentioned, to access Google Drive you need a Gmail account. Tap on the group of icons located at the top right and click on Google Drive. Here you will find storage space that you can fill with files, documents and folders. You can also take advantage of special writing tools, spreadsheets, drawings, presentations and much more!
Google Drive is intuitive and easy to use, it displays all your documents on the homepage. It can be used from any desktop computer (PC and Mac), tablets and smartphones (iOS and Android).
Here’s where you can download it:

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