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eHAT an is end-to-end health management software used by various hospitals, specialty clinics, medical centers, diagnostic centers and healthcare units to streamline their operations and processes. It includes hospital administration systems, health management information solutions, EHR/EMR tools, and other healthcare IT solutions that they can use to their advantage. They are helped to improve the way they access and leverage data, patient information and medical records, manage their resources and expenses intelligently, increase productivity and profitability, deliver better results and increase patient satisfaction. eHAT is developed by OrcaSys, an IT consulting and healthcare IT solutions firm, which is committed to providing innovative and advanced healthcare software products to customers around the world so that they can easily address the challenges and problems associated with administration, clinic financial and management of their operations.


  • Strategy and implementation
  • Infrastructure planning and implementation
  • Technical projects and architecture of the solution
  • System modernization and optimization
  • Platform integrations
  • Reduced time to market
  • Adaptation of next generation technologies
  • Reduction of development costs
  • Easy project management
  • Minimization of operational costs and risks
  • Maintaining the highest quality standards
  • Improved organization efficiently
  • IT delivery model
  • Better responsiveness to business needs
  • Mobility solutions, compatibility with major mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, Blackberry, etc.
  • Reduce spending on technological infrastructure, pay according to your needs (weekly, quarterly or annually)
  • Globalize your workforce (SAAS, PAAS))
  • Improved project management, get more work in less time with fewer people in less time
  • Role-based access anytime, anywhere.


Con eHAThospital management software, users will be able to optimize the performance of their operations and processes and provide excellent patient care.

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