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MocDoc HMS is an advanced, complete and fully integrated suite for the medical offices management designed to improve mobility, efficiency and productivity in different sectors or healthcare units. The program allows the implementation of workflows that are not based on the use of documents. Users can instantly generate and submit electronic prescriptions, prepare visual cards, and access medical records and reports from their mobile devices. It also includes financial data management features, such as quick creation of patient or insurance provider invoices, tracking of prescription drug sales, and control of medical supply reordering. In addition, the practice management suite provides automatic alerts, meaningful reports and useful information to healthcare stakeholders.


The following video shows how this software can help you manage an hospital:


  • Complete appointments: multi view calendar to view appointments for single doctor, for entire hospital and for multi location appointments
  • Integrated billing: discount authorisation alerts. Option to bill before and after consultation
  • Flexible management: flexible option to use appointment based checkin and token based checkin. Token can be displayed on big screen
  • E-prescriptions: possible to show medicines available in pharmacy via SMS prescriptions to patients
  • Insurance management: single click invoice generation for insurance providers for pending payment. Option to set pre authorisation amount
  • Ward request: medications can be ordered for IP patients from ward itself. Eliminates paperwork and manual tracking
  • Checklist: pre configured check list for surgeons and consent forms for patients. Can be updated from the appointment itself
  • Surgery notes: option to add and manage notes from surgeons and physicains
  • Stock Management: configure multiple stores and sale counters. Track and monitor stock movement stores and pharmacy. Option to raise and issue indents. Reorder level configuration
  • Sale bill: automatically load medicines from prescription. Option to return medicines against bill
  • Custom reports: reports with configurable templates based on gender and age. Doctor specific templates would be picked automatically. Auto abnormal alerts, formula based result values and historical chart.


MocDoc HMS is an hospital management solution that combines different digital healthcare software solutions, allowing users easily meet their needs when it comes to managing hospital, clinic, laboratory or pharmacy operations and processes.

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