Hydro: how the app works to stay hydrated

Hydration of our body is vital for a healthy lifestyle. The modern rhythm of our life makes us forget to drink enough fluids during the day and we can develop health problems and a sense of tiredness. Since technology is an important part of this stress, it is good that it can be used to help us better manage our hydration. Accurate Reviews recommends you use Hydro.


The Hydro app reminds you to drink water and helps you stay hydrated every day. The water consumption calculator suggests a goal to be achieved every day and a personal hydration plan reminds you never to forget to drink. The drinking history charts offer you an overview of your daily and monthly habits. Due to its characteristics, Hydro is probably the most advanced and customizable app of this type on the market.


The app features include many functions such as the calculation of water consumption. Loss of fluids varies from person to person and therefore the Hydro app’s water consumption calculator should only be used as a guide. The app suggests a goal to be achieved every day. The water intake reminder will make a sound that will remind you to drink. You can view charts to see the daily and monthly trend with imperial (oz) or metric (ml) units. The application is multilingual and can be downloaded on Android devices for free.


Reasons to drink water:
• Helps maintain healthy body weight by increasing metabolism and controlling calories
• Hydrates the skin to give it a healthy and radiant appearance
• Water maintains the balance of body fluids
• Can prevent headaches
• Helps the kidneys
• Prevents fatigue

Ragioni per bere acqua:
• Aiuta a mantenere il peso corporeo sano aumentando il metabolismo e controllando le calorie
• Idrata la pelle per darle un aspetto sano e luminoso
• L’acqua mantiene l’equilibrio dei liquidi corporei
• Può prevenire il mal di testa
• Aiuta i reni
• Previene la stanchezza

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