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Cabentry is an inventory control software, developed mainly for cabinet manufacturers with the aim of automating and simplifying their work starting from the ordering process from the front office to the production one. In this way you will be able to save time and resources while also increasing your profitability.
This order entry program will allow you to manage your data, customize your catalog, view instant price updates as you proceed with your order, set up multiple retailers at different price levels, and much more.



  • Control your data and pricing: Cabentry gives you the tools you need to manage your entire catalog on your own. Forget about the paper catalog that needs to be reprinted every year. You have the ability to make changes at at time and send out updates to your dealers to ensure your catalog is always up to date
  • Craft custom room profiles: your dealers can look through and select the options they want for each room. You can choose the combinations you want to allow them to select in the room profile. This helps your dealers understand what they can and cannot do and ultimately helps them get the order right the first time
  • Calculate accessories and modifications: Cabentry doesn’t limit you to adding cabinets and changing sizes. You can easily add accessories in your cabinets and add custom modifications to your cabinets. Each option can have images, pdfs and YouTube videos to help your dealers understand each option you have with this software
  • Capture detailed appliance specifications: receiving an order with no appliance specs can be very frustrating for the manufacturer.  With Cabentry, your dealers will know that they must have this information before they can submit an order. They will be allowed to quote a job without them, but they cannot submit an order that has missing appliances
  • Produce professional reports: Cabentry gives the users the ability to print a detailed report sorted neatly by room with all of the information they entered for that job
  • Customize your digital catalog: we use data validation to ensure your dealers are only making the selections you allow. This helps your dealers get the order correct the first time and cuts out a lot of back and forth communication between you and your dealer
  • Keep your catalog in sync: Cabentry gives you the power to push out updates to your dealers to ensure that your dealers are never using an old version of your catalog. This gives you the ability to make changes as you need them instead of waiting for a year to release a new paper catalog
  • Integrate with your manufacturing software: Cabentry can import cabinets into your manufacturing software to save you time in the office. This can also help eliminate mistakes that commonly happen when re-keying information.


Cabentry is an online platform that allows you to simplify the order entry process. Request a personalized DEMO now and let us know if it meets your needs by leaving a review.


Usability: 8 /10 Speed: 8.5 /10 Features: 7.2 /10 Support: 9.2 /10 Pricing: 7.5 /10

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