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SalesPad is an all-in-one inventory control, sales and purchasing solution designed to meet the needs of growing wholesale distribution or retail companies. With purchasing, inventory management and a robust CRM system, the software provides complete visibility into all orders, customer interactions, multi-warehouse inventory and purchasing decisions using real-time dashboards and tools accurate reporting. Integrated credit processing and precise bar coding allow users to process and store customer credit cards in a safe and compliant place and to receive and transfer stock and fulfill orders from any iOS and Android device.


This tutorial explains in just 3 minutes how to take advantage of the functions of this inventory control software:


  • Manage sales and customer relationships with confidence, all from one powerful distribution software. Get complete access to customer and order history for crystal-clear visibility into the health of your company
  • Handle online and in-person transactions with ease
  • With unflagging visibility across your entire order fulfillment timeline, Track your stock from the shelves to the loading dock and beyond: intelligent workflows guide your pick and pack process to ensure total accuracy every time
  • Use customer history to curate well-informed reordering points, so you’ll never have to worry about stock outs or over-ordering. Add automation to keep the whole process running smoothly without manual input
  • Ship with confidence and flawless accuracy with high-level visibility over delivery routes and high-tech tools for seamless communication with your drivers
  • Secure payment collection, minus the hassle. Keep your invoicing process simple and free of human error with our collection of payment and tax management integrations.


SalesPad is an inventory control solution that provides applications for managing daily distribution, shipping, EDI, ecommerce, omnichannel sales and purchasing operations. There are multiple third-party integrations available to incorporate more functionality.

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Usability: 8.5 /10 Speed: 9 /10 Features: 8.5 /10 Support: 9 /10 Pricing: 7 /10

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