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LA Pro provides loan origination software for lenders of all types and sizes such as banks, nonprofits, lenders, credit unions and third party services. The software helps users manage various types of loan portfolios with billing, management reports and daily accruals. It provides a set of standard reports and offers the ability to generate custom reports and queries. Users can integrate their existing systems including general ledger systems, documentation systems, and core processing systems via APIs and data sharing. It also offers the ability to view billing information online, which helps users access data and fulfill customer requests.


Here is a short tutorial on this loan origination software:


  • Easily manage various terms including interest rates, fixed and variable, principal-only periods, lines of credit and term loans
  • The loan terms can be easily changed to suit the borrower’s ability to pay
  • Inclusive collateral monitoring and reporting
  • Customizable billing reports and alerts
  • Flexible options to customize security and user access levels
  • User-customizable screens
  • Changes to the static fields verifiable by the user
  • Interfacing with other systems is extremely simple
  • Over 100 standard reports and flexible ad-hoc reports
  • Notification and traceability of insolvencies
  • Verification of the printout
  • Data import and export functionality.


LaPro is a loan management software that can be customized to meet your business needs, allowing you to manage a combination of portfolios, from traditional lending to multi-currency business financing.

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