Loan origination software

The best loan origination programs of the 2024

  • Loan origination software allows lenders, commercial banks, mortgage loan originators, government agencies to automate and simplify loan management.
    Accurate Reviews experts have included in this guide all the reviews related to the best programs that deal with loans, describing their features and analyzing their pros and cons.

    1 LoanCirrus

    LoanCirrus is a loan management platform that helps lenders manage their operations from anywhere, offering a wide range of scalable features for a variety of businesses. Tools include automatic SMS and email notifications, customizable workflows, risk assessment capabilities, automatic reminders, and more.

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    2 Abcoa Deal Pack

    Abcoa Deal Pack is a business management solution that helps auto dealers and finance companies manage leads, financing, campaigns, workflows, payments, complaints and more on a centralized platform. The built-in accounting functionality allows staff members to manage balance sheets, income statements, cash flows, trial balances, and general ledger.

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    3 LoanAssistant Software

    LoanAssistant is a loan management solution for QuickBooks that assists lending activities in various segments including residential mortgages, education loans and installment sales. It allows you to administer lines of credit and to track and monitor transactions in real time.

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    4 Plaid

    Plaid is a technology platform that enables the connection between applications and users' bank accounts for account authentication, real-time balance checks, identity verification, income validation, asset verification and more yet. Plaid's Auth solution can be used to authenticate bank accounts for ACH payments without requiring microdeposits, allowing instant authentication of transactions.

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    5 The Loan Office

    The Loan Office is a cloud-based on-premise loan service solution for businesses of all sizes. It is suitable for loan companies, mortgages and financial services. Key features include loan management, accounting, automatic debit (ACH) / EFT, financial calculator, reports and forecasts.

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    6 Bryt

    Bryt is a loan origination software created by credit institutions for lenders, functional to optimize and simplify this work. It is an as-a-service, cloud-based program that does not require installation, updates and maintenance costs, it only requires an Internet connection.

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    7 HES FinTech

    HES FinTech is a loan origination software provider and technology consultant. Created to be the technological backbone to power the entire loan lifecycle: from creation, underwriting and assistance to collections and pipeline performance monitoring.

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    8 Mortgage + Care

    Mortgage + Care is a cloud-based loan origination software. Key features include application management, data import, payment processing, document storage and cash reporting.

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    9 Margill Loan Manager

    Margill Loan Manager is a cloud-based loan service solution that assists lenders with the maintenance of loans, lines of credit, mortgages, credits and leases. Key features include interest calculation, custom fields, data export, multi-currency support, customizable reports and revenue tracking.

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    10 The Mortgage Office

    The Mortgage Office, developed by Applied Business Software, is an integrated mortgage and loan management program for businesses of all sizes. The solution includes multiple modules for loan creation and control, fiduciary accounting, commitment administration and offers additional modules for mortgage rate management, credit reporting and more.

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