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The Loan Office is a cloud-based on-premise loan service solution for businesses of all sizes. It is suitable for loan companies, mortgages and financial services. Key features include loan management, accounting, automatic debit (ACH) / EFT, financial calculator, reports and forecasts. Other features include federal and local compliance, conversation logs, document management and payment processing. The loan department allows users to print, manage and archive their tax forms such as 1098s, 1099s and Canadian T5 from within the solution. It offers integration with QuickBooks, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word.


As your business and services grow, your loan origination software grows with it, making it an investment you will need for the life of your business. Here’s how it works:


  • Dodd-Frank compliant statements, receipts & coupons
  • Maintain detailed records of all payments made by borrowers
  • Print, manage and e-file 1098s, 1099s & Canadian T5 tax forms
  • Full guarantee accounting and administration
  • Integration with QuickBooks
  • Electronically collect payments from borrower accounts (ACH)
  • Fully integrated document imaging and management system
  • Create loan templates for consistency and ease of data entry
  • Accurately track loan charges and advances
  • Define flexible loan servicing fees on a per-loan basis
  • Track delinquencies & generate late notices
  • Effortlessly process NSFs, Reversals, Writedowns, Payoffs and more
  • Schedule one-time, recurring or event-driven reminders
  • Easily print or email notices and statements from within the software
  • With a click of a button prints payment receipts & payment coupon books
  • Maintain conversation logs of communications with borrowers and lenders
  • Print borrower statements, amortization schedules, coupon books and mailing labels
  • Complete escrow administration of impounds and reserves
  • Fast and Flexible Payment Processing NSF and Payoff


The Loan Office is a loan origination software that simplifies and automates current loan activities, allowing you to manage your business with modules that include debits and down payments, payment processing, scheduled loan reminders, and more.
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