Opera browser: improved stability and performance in version 46

The latest version of the Norwegian browser has been released with some improvements and new features. You can download for free from their site, and install it on Windows, Mac or Linux.

Opera 46 engine’s performance improves a lot thanks to the latest release of Chromium, upon which it is built. According to Opera, crashes fell by 35% as a result of improvements to memory leaks, glitches, and various malfunctions. They added support for animated PNG files, or APNGs: in fact, lighter GIFs. All this goes hand in hand with the great privacy protection features that have always animated Opera.

There are also small aesthetic enhancements, such as new backgrounds (even animated) to be displayed on service pages. Additionally, Apple’s MacBook Pro’s TouchBar support was added. And for the first time in the history of the tiny, fiery browser, a promotional video was broadcast on television.

As always, you can use Opera for free, downloading it from the official site. If you are curious to try other browsers, we put together some (including Opera), based on your needs.

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