Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Review

by Adobe Systems, Inc. (USA)

Adobe Reader DC allows you to sync your files and reading status across multiple devices.

Adobe Reader DC allows you to sync your files and reading status across multiple devices.

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is one of the most powerful PDF software in the world, and although a lot has changed in the last few years, Acrobat still is the software of choice for your pdf reading needs. It’s a free download from Adobe’ site and is highly recommended for everyone of us who prefers perfect compatibility and doesn’t trust third-party solutions. (Although we have to say nowadays a lot of “independent” pdf readers are worth a try and are truly compatible with even the most complicated PDF you can download from a state website.)

The latest Acrobat Reader version is fully integrated into Adobe’s newish cloud strategy, giving you the opportunity to take advantage of their Document Cloud suite – provided that you subscribe to this plan, which starts at 15$ per month. We suggest you to have a good look of their pricing: if you need a professional digital document management, Adobe’s is by far one of the best solutions in the industry.


Even if specific features are limited to the service subscription (i.e., converting PDF to Word files), Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is a milestone that you can surely install and use in its free form.

Usability: 8 /10 Speed: 7 /10 Features: 8.5 /10 Support: 8 /10 Pricing: 8 /10

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  1. Look, I have no idea where to post a complaint about one of the editing features in Reader DC, but all I need is for YOU to KNOW that there is an ISSUE with something and it needs to BE FIXED. My license to use this software is through SAGE Publications, an academic publishing company whose editors REALLY DON’T LIKE WASTING TIME MESSING WITH SLOW SOFTWARE.

    At the “INSERT TEXT” icon in Reader DC, it will actually allow an insert 50% of the time; otherwise, I have to hover my cursor ON the icon for at least 2/3? of a second in order for it to “be aware” that I want to do something with it. THEN — it may or may not have “registered” when I go over to the spot in the text where I need to do some work. THEN I have to go back up to the icon and hover for another 2/3 of a second to register its existence. THEN I have to go back to the point in text — how much wasted time do you believe I have amassed in simply trying to get the cursor and the icon to perform their job?

    ADDITIONALLY — in the latest previous iteration of this software element, I was able to quickly click on the area in text where something needed to be inserted and was able to add it, WITHOUT HAVING TO GO TO THE TOP OF THE PAGE, FIND THE ICON, AND CLICK ON IT AFTER WAITING THE 2/3 OF A SECOND.

    You Do understand this, right?? Let me tell you it is NOT A SMALL ISSUE, it is F’ING MIND-BLOWINGLY ANNOYING.

    This is driving ME insane, along with countless other users (editors) who just don’t want to bother trying to reach you.

    Just flipping fix it, please.

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