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Sumo Paint is an online photo editing software that lets you take advantage of basic photo editing capabilities and a complete set of color correction tools. With Sumo Paint you can create new drawings, edit multiple images at the same time and perform photo editing on your photos. A wide array of filters, effects and brushes are also available. Sumo Paint offers several unique digital drawing tools, as the Symmetry tool, which allows you to create beautiful symmetrical patterns and geometric shapes. This software has simple and intuitive interface and the basic version is completely free.


The video tutorial will explain how to use this photo editing software:


  • Gradient Editor: quickly change hue, saturation and brightness directly in the gradient editor
  • Perpective mapping: the Perspective tile filter maps the image on an infinite plane of tiles. The exceptional bump mapping function allows the creation of mountainous landscapes
  • Cube designer: create, rotate, warp, adjust lighting, etc.
  • Linear Blur: with this filter the blur effect intensifies as the distance from the center increases, to simulate the “depth of field” effect
  • Bump Mapping: the Bump Map filter moves the 2D surface creating a great sense of depth / detail. It features a beautiful lighting effect to give the surface a more realistic appearance
  • Lightning effects: this filter projects lights and shadows onto the image, as if it were a flat surface. The light source can be rotated as well
  • Reflection: realistic reflection on a rippled water surface. The reflected object can be rotated freely and the qualities of water and reflection can be altered
  • Mosaic: transforms the image into an assembly of geometric shapes. The effect interface has 24 beautiful mosaic patterns with many controls
  • Gradient fill: choose from the large collection of Sumopaint shades to create a gradient fill on the shape tools.


Sumo Paint is a simple and intuitive online photo editing software. It’s packed with plenty of features to edit your images and make them unique and it’s accompanied by numerous tutorials published on Youtube.

Use this program is FREE and leave your own review.

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Usability: 9 /10 Speed: 7 /10 Features: 9 /10 Support: 9 /10 Pricing: 10 /10

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