Privacy and Safari: Apple’s browser new features

Made safe of the name – honestly horrible: High Sierrathe new operating system that Apple is releasing for its Macs brings some under the hood refinements: stability, usability, and privacy first of all. For example, from next fall, Safari will do more than we can to protect our privacy while we visit several websites, and prevent one’s advertising from perpetuating others.

Those in Cupertino have called it “Intelligent Tracking Prevention” to manage the cookies from websites we visit: in fact,

in the first 24 hours after visiting a site we will still see ads for services or products we’ve searched for around the web. But after a day that kind of cookie will be blocked.

On the other hand, Safari will not block cookies from services we use, such as webmail or other apps: at least for 30 days it will remember our logins and will not stop us from entering our streaming video service, for example.

Another feature will be blocking automatic video: thanks. From the bottom of our hearts.

Apple is not the only one that is moving in this direction: starting next year, Google will demand higher quality from ads to be shown by Chrome.

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