The world’s youngest ransomware creator

At age 14 I was thinking of doing something important in my life, but I never thought of creating a ransomware. Instead, an Osaka kid decided to spend his free time developing a software that can infect PCs. He added a free encryption system, actually creating the perfect ransomware: at first, it sneaks into a PC, then it encrypts the data. And it asks for a ransom, as the name itself says.

The kid put the ransomware on the web, providing instructions for the software and how to pay him. The police caught him, and this young genius pleaded guilty, fortunately: this should prove that at least he realized his stunt. It also appears that his virus has been downloaded very few times, and there is no evidence of use.

Ransomware, widespread in recent years, has jumped on record honors in May, when the biggest cyber attack ever hit users in more than 150 countries around the world through a ransomware, WannaCry. There are no safe ways to protect you from ransomware, but we suggest you always use an antivirus, and keep an up-to-date backup at your disposal.

Congratulations to his creativity, anyway.

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