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Ringy (formerly iSalesCRM) is a customer relationship management software that provides companies with tools to generate leads and automate marketing operations. Supervisors can use the dashboard to get an overview of turnover rates, inbound leads, outbound calls, account balances and other key metrics. Ringy allows you to distribute leads among team members and automatically create assignment tasks. Professionals can use the built-in softphone to communicate with clients and streamline follow-up processes via text messaging. It offers mobile applications, which allow users to access lead information, track upcoming appointments and receive automatic notifications or call alerts. Managers can organize marketing campaigns based on specific locations and timelines. The software also allows users to forward in-progress calls to agents, receive voice messages and generate operational reports.


In this video we see how google calendar integration works with this sms marketing platform:


  • Email: market your service, get to know new prospects, or just keep in touch to keep things moving. Got a winning line? Make it a template and send it to as many leads as you like, at the most effective time. Emails can be as automated or personalized as you please, sent alone or as part of a strategic drip campaign
  • SMS: text messages are more personal and easier to respond to. With Ringy, you can send a clever SMS to as many leads, at whatever time, and with whatever message that’ll work. With your inbox on your dashboard, you can automate responses or answer in real-time to create a personalized chat
  • The smartest way to nurture leads: the platform automatically adapts messages based on your lead’s personal details, and includes useful templates made to suit your business
  • Organize contacts: add leads yourself, import a fat stack of them, or integrate a lead vendor so they can come in automatically. Agents can see a prospect’s full history at a glance and hit the ground running before a call. You can group your contacts by organization, stage in your sales pipeline, or level of contact
  • Manage pipeline: customize your call lists and pipeline to suit your targets. Ringy integrates with your calendar, so your workflow is accessible and customizable. Your prospects can schedule appointments themselves, and the software can create them automatically
  • Track progress: you’ll get instant updates from your prospects and your team, so you’ll never miss a beat. Ringy enables busy sales teams to maintain personalized relationships with prospects while scaling their performance.


Ringy is a sms marketing software that provides an API, which allows businesses to integrate the platform with various third-party applications, such as Google Calendar, Zapier, Facebook and more.

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