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In this article, the Accurate Reviews experts have created a ranking of the 5 best assisted living software on the web. Find out what they are.


As in every field, even in the people assistance field, there is dedicated software that can simplify and automate a whole range of functions and activities that normally require a large investment in terms of time and money. Assisted living programs are able to improve the management of facilities and residences for the elderly by halving time and costs and ensuring greater efficiency.
Below you will find the 5 best software according to the Accurate Reviews experts.


Connecteam is an assisted living solution with which you can easily engage and manage non-tenured employees with a true all-in-one mobile app. The program offers a powerful mobile first platform that helps improve communication, enhance daily processes and save time. It is trusted by over 8,000 companies and is used by over 100,000 employees worldwide. The mission of the software’s developers is to help employees and managers to better manage their daily lives, in one easy-to-use platform: multiple tools to improve communication and employee engagement, training and onboarding, employee scheduling, time tracking, time sheet management, checklists and digital forms, task organization, human resources and welfare, knowledge centers, file storage and much more!


Communicate, manage and train your employees with this assisted living software:

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Senior Insight is a cloud-based assisted living platform that covers medication management, ADL charting, personalized assessments, exception reporting, document management, billing, marketing and more. The software allows users to access documents and record vital data, weights, ADL care, medication administration and patient notes from any device. Prescriptions, lab results, signed residency agreements and other documents can be securely stored online, with users able to share, search and print documents as needed. Customizable assessment templates are integrated, and users can also access state forms or set up their own assessments. Integration with accounting software, including QuickBooks, allows users to manage their accounts receivable, and invoices can be batch processed. The marketing system also allows for pre-qualification of inquiries and scheduling of follow-up activities with potential residents.


How to access and navigate the customer service portal of this assisted living solution:

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StoriiCare is a care management software that organizes patient admissions, staff scheduling, communication, reports and more. The platform allows organizations to create customized care plans, track progress through updates and log details, and upload documents along with media files to a centralized repository. The program allows administrators to conduct engagement sessions using personalized life stories and external content to capture data for assessment and inform families via text message or email. It offers numerous features such as user profiles, resident and client databases, activity logging, customizable branding, custom assessment forms, incident management, data archiving and more. Service centers can also manage maintenance tasks, record incidents, conduct group or individual tasks, and add progress notes for staff members.


Let’s look at how this assisted living software can help you in your work

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ScheduleAnywhere is an online employee scheduling solution that allows users to adjust employees across multiple locations, manage staffing requirements, track coverage, administer leave requests, control overtime, notify employees of schedule updates, and more. With the software, users can assign employees shifts, rotations, shift patterns and leave, with the ability to schedule multiple employees at once. The number of hours and staff scheduled is automatically tracked, allowing users to monitor and control overtime. Employees scheduled in more than one department are automatically displayed in multiple schedules, allowing all of their managers to see when and where that employee is scheduled. Employees are automatically notified of newly posted schedules, approval requests and schedule changes via email or text message, depending on their communication preferences.


Learn how to assign skills and enter rates, desired hours and custom fields on this assisted living software:

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CareRight is a web-based electronic documentation software designed to help healthcare providers document clinical information and provide care through customizable service plans and activities of daily living (ADLs). It allows clinical professionals to monitor residents’ food intake such as meals, fluids and snacks, identify issues related to blood pressure, pulse, respiration, temperature, pain, weight or BM, and visualize data using graphs. Key features of the solution include management of ADLs, residents, facilities, orders and reports. The application provides customizable functionality, allowing administrators to select specific functions to collect facility-relevant information regarding residents. Supervisors can also assign activities of daily living to one or more residents, customize alerts based on each individual, prepare meals or fluid charts, and more.


Here’s how to log onto this assisted living software from any device:

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