People assistance: which software manages meals?

In this article, the Accurate Reviews experts have rated and reviewed assisted living software that owns the patient meal management feature.

Meal management feature: which software has it?

Assisted living facilities require solutions to manage the well-being, safety, and satisfaction of their patients. They are used to improve communication with residents and their families, as well as to increase the quality of services provided. They also help with staff scheduling, optimizing resource allocation, and documenting the services provided. They also ensure compliance with health and safety regulations. Some solutions provide features to manage residents’ meals to improve their diet and stay fit.
Let’s see which programs own this last feature:

Tabula Pro

Tabula Pro is a web-based assisted living software designed to help healthcare facilities manage resident information, support plans, custom forms and reports. It allows physicians to ensure compliance with the state department using inspection reports and checklists. Key features of the solution include management of admissions, building maintenance, incidents, medication tracking, staff management, care planning and new resident assessment. The platform allows assisted living facilities to assign different levels of access to staff members to add, edit and delete resident information. The dashboard provides detailed information, reminders and alerts about residents, which can be customized to the facility’s needs. Administrators can generate data reports to track each resident’s needs, such as wheelchairs, insulin injections and more.


Let’s watch this video where he explains the main features of this assisted living software:

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eResidentCare is a cloud-based assisted living software. The system is designed for organizing resident care, medication orders, treatments, diets, vitals, physician orders, care plans, ADLs, personalized assessments, resident notes, marketing and billing. The eMar charting tools aim to ensure that medication administration is performed error-free, following the Six Rights (correct medication, right dose, exact route, right time, right patient, and correct documentation) with simple input screens and alerts. Resident notes and incident reports can be captured and stored electronically. Documents, including resident labs, legal documents and contracts can be scanned and uploaded to the system for central storage.


Let’s take a quick look at this assisted living program:

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Ala Carte Menus

Ala Carte Menus is a cloud-based software that provides organizations with the tools to manage meals, nutrition and food service operations in assisted living facilities. Supervisors can customize menus based on resident preferences, dining style and overall budget. It allows facilities to automatically analyze and review the nutritional value of selected menus in accordance with Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs), the Healthy Eating Model and the DASH food plan. Managers can track total spend on the app and use the built-in database to access information on seasonal offerings, culinary trends and new recipes. It also allows users to streamline meal management operations in compliance with various state regulations. The software also helps users receive approval signatures from registered dietitians, ensuring that meals meet required nutritional parameters.


Let’s watch the short video about this assisted living software:

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Eldermark is the leader in senior living management software, providing a comprehensive technology platform that empowers the entire community: clinical, sales and operations. It is the first solution in senior living that allows you to leverage data from your entire operation for automated, actionable, analytics-based insights so you know how to best manage your business. The fully integrated platform and 24/7 customer support help you manage your entire community so you can eliminate paper-based processes, work efficiently, and focus your energy on what really matters: delivering superior senior living experiences. It includes solutions for every aspect of your business: census development/sales, digital and automated marketing, business operations management, electronic medical records and EMARs, care team programs and workflows, mobile care systems, risk management, communication technologies, billing and payment processing.


Here is a tutorial on the main features of this assisted living software:

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e-MAR is an assisted living software designed by MED-e-care and offers both an electronic medication administration part, e-MAR to be exact, and an electronic treatment administration part, eTAR. It is an innovative solution that provides staff with secure access and a 360-degree view of all resident data such as registered medications, reports, real-time analysis and even nurse rounds.
With e-MAR you eliminate all the paperwork by creating some order and automating all those processes that normally required a large investment of time.

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