The best free distance learning software

In this article we have included the best free distance learning software, carefully chosen by the experts of Accurate Reviews. Choose the one that’s right for you.


Surely the period we are currently experiencing leads us to be much closer to new technologies in all fields, including education. In fact, we talk a lot about online learning and video lessons and for this reason it is necessary to choose a distance learning platform suitable for the needs of each of us. These software are useful and functional for those who want to improve the management of courses, exams and students but often the prices are high which is why the experts of Accurate Reviews have selected the free ones.


GoBrunch is the world’s first 100% free platform for distance learning, webinars and virtual classrooms. Create your webinar in less than a minute, just turn on the camera and share your screen. If you need to broadcast other speakers, type a simple command and they’ll show up on the deck. You can also record your presentation and download the video file. Intuitive design allows your students to participate in interactive sessions and experience live activities. No installation is required.
GoBrunch allows companies to create new events using built-in modules and customize room layouts for upcoming courses or sessions. It allows managers to upload digital brochures, educational materials or previous presentations to the platform and download webinars as video files for future reference.


Let’s see at how simple it is to create a visual class using this distance learning software:

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Vectera is a meeting management solution that helps businesses and schools streamline processes related to appointment scheduling, video conferencing, communications management, and more. The platform allows the creation of encrypted video rooms for customers, making it easy to monitor interactions, share and record documents. The tool is equipped with white label features for customizing the interface using logo, colors and custom themes to establish brand identity. It also includes annotations, notes and contact synchronization, shared browsing, whiteboard, video recording, and more. Additionally, users can screen-share to discuss presentations and contracts, provide demos, and take notes for reference.


In this video you can see how to organize interactive meetings by sharing documents, whiteboard, screen sharing, cobrowsing and more:

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Top Hat is an end-to-end educational software that helps educators and institutions simplify and improve the learning experience, inside and outside the classroom. This platform is made up of integrated tools that allow to create classroom engagement leveraging student devices, creating courses, textbooks and providing online learning materials. Administer assignments, quizzes and tests, instantly measure performance and track their students’ progress – the platform is built with powerful and easy-to-use tools that simplify course preparation and help organize educational resources such as textbooks. There are also tools to automate classroom management processes such as attendance control and test scoring.


The tutorial shows educators how easy it is to organize interactive class meetings and high quality learning experiences online and blended courses:

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ezTalks is a hybrid enterprise VoIP solution that provides organizations from different verticals with video conferencing, online meeting scheduling, web conferencing, screen sharing and more. The program also offers audio conferencing, instant messaging, document sharing, remote application control, and a whiteboard for annotating presentations and images during meetings. ezTalks offers both cloud-based conferencing services and room-based on-premise video conferencing solutions. It also provides users with integrated video conferencing equipment for small rooms that includes video camera, microphone and speakers in one device with dedicated software. It also offers mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windowsmobile devices that allow remote use.


This is a complete video showing how to use the distance learning platform. It includes how to start or schedule an instant meeting, invite attendees, how to join a meeting, and meeting features:

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