The best distance learning software

Covid-19 has revolutionized the way people teach and interact with their students. Due to the school’s closing, an alternative method had to be found to continue the school curriculum using distance learning platforms. Accurate Reviews experts have identified the best software for the remote learning. 

The best distance learning platforms: what are they?

An online learning platform is an integrated set of interactive services that provide trainers or teachers with tools and resources to support and improve education management. Professors can include articles, interviews, webinars, charts, PowerPoint presentations, simulations, and videos throughout the lesson. Distance learning platforms should have content, learning, assessment and communication modules for an efficient and comprehensive learning management system. Let’s see which programs are on the market.

Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting is an online video conferencing solution suitable for individuals and small and large organizations. The platform can be used for product launches, sales presentations, webinars, user training and online meetings. It allows you to instantly create secure online meetings with a remote audience using any computer operating system or any browser. Thanks to its technology, users do not have to download any software or perform any installation to join the meeting. Zoho Meeting allows the public to join the online meeting directly from websites using the built-in meeting widget. Users can also create audio conferences via online voice calls from their computer or conference calls.


The video shows how to use this video conferencing software:

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Classe365 is a cloud-based learning management system (LMS) and student information system (SIS) suitable for educational institutions. The software helps educators oversee their students and course content, and offers blended learning tools, discussion platforms, and more. Classe365‘s pre-admission processes allow students to register for classes digitally. Customer relationship management tools include a click-to-call tool and follow-up planning via email. Accounting and finance features allow administrators to manage grants and scholarships, while analytics reports include student behavior and grades. LMS features include self-paced courses, quizzes and tests, video classrooms and discussion forums.


Let’s see how to take advantage of the tools of this distance learning software:

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Enrollware is a software that aids in the registration, planning and management of online courses for American Heart Association (AHA) training centers and sites. The technology offers intuitive tools to automate manual course registration, payment processing, list management and data storage. Its comprehensive web-enabled features are developed, managed and hosted on servers in a secure, modern data center that users can access at any time. Enrollware aims to help AHA vendors save time and budget, as these are the resources commonly affected by outdated software, server and data center maintenance. Users can also customize their registration function and integrate it seamlessly into their website. This allows site visitors to track class offers, schedules, purchase course materials, and more.


Let’s watch the tutorial on how to use this educational software:

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With Newrow, smart companies can deliver engaging online instruction through easy-to-use web-based virtual classrooms, create on-demand courses for self-learning, and manage their virtual campus through a customized portal. Newrow is web-based, and attendees can simply click on a link to participate in virtual classes and training sessions. Features include: on-demand course builder to provide self-learning, testing and assessment capabilities to measure student success, cloud-based file management system, web-based virtual classrooms for up to 25 webcam participants. Virtual classroom features include: cloud storage to upload and share any file format, YouTube integration, digital whiteboard, screen sharing, quiz, cloud recording, text and video chat, moderator controls, video conference viewing, and more yet.


Here is a tutorial in which he explains the main functions of this distance learning software:

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Remo is a live online events platform that focuses on building authentic relationships by providing a virtual space that simulates the real-world experience of attending events and conference. Features include team collaboration, whiteboard, email reminder, screen sharing, registration management, and branding personalization. Users can join events via meeting links and interact face-to-face with team members in real time. The application also improves engagement thanks to in-app chat, interactive polls, voting and Q&A sessions. Remo helps presenters deliver presentations, invite attendees and record sessions. Employees can chat with colleagues in individual virtual rooms and set personal status to show availability to team members.


Here is a tutorial showing how to use this distance learning software:

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