Tips to make a product promotion video in 5 easy steps

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Most of us have heard about “product promotional video” thrown around a lot, Usually context of an online commercial encompassing an expected event. But what do you know about product promotional videos? How to create a product promotion video with easy steps? If you don’t understand the concept, not worry; we are here to help you out.

In 2018, U.S. adults spent around 224 minutes (approximately three hours and 44 minutes) per day exploring video content. Moreover, it’s forecasted that traditional television is decreasing as the popularity of digital video viewing is growing continuously. Hence it becomes vital for businesses to focus on making a digital video that helps them drive the attention of more and more customers in no time.

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Today we will solve all your queries by helping you to know how you can make a product promotion video, which video editing software you can use, etc. The benefits of crafting promotional video and leverage the whole video marketing strategy. Learn the whole article to find depth into the topic.

What is a product promotion video?

A product promotional video is graphical content used for the specific objective of increasing sales and profit. Most advertisement methods help businesses leverage numerous advantages, and product promotion video is the exceptional one. Promos are much similar to teaser videos, helping to grab viewers’ attention and creating more curiosity about particular things.


Five tips to make a product promotion video

There are thousands and millions of blog posts available online; however, many are published each day. Today most businesses opt for engaging and effective ways that help them to promote their business online. As a result, the number of businesses working on visual content is growing exponentially.

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With the increasing number of online sites, all businesses are competing to grow their business presence online. They leverage the advantage of organic traffic with the best online marketing tactics. 

Today most businesses are moving towards video-based marketing. Even for landing pages, videos are the best way to convert better leads. As a result, most businesses abandon the video first strategy for their website and other marketing methods.

Product promotional videos have great marketing tactics, especially for brands on the large side. Undoubtedly video marketing is more expensive than other ways of product promotion. It’s pretty challenging to create text-based content; smaller businesses can have enormous profits by considering investing in the tactic. But it becomes essential for you to invest in the right way to leverage worth for your time and efforts. Check how you can create product promotion videos with a few simple steps.


Step 1: identify for what you are making video

Promo video must start with the basic concept that is for what you are making it? Find out whether you are making a product promotion video to increase sales, create awareness, show its usefulness, etc. Are you aware of the pain point which your targeted audience face regularly? Then you can create a video accordingly or choose to make it as per the different theme of your choice.

Ensure to consider the primary idea and keywords that help you to promote your product through graphical representation. Find out takeaways for which you want viewers to remember what the video was about. For example, if you are selling meals online, consider your video theme accordingly; you can show people back the screening process to drive customers’ attention.


Step 2: storyboard your vision

You require visual aids to make your product promotional video more engaging and attractive. Use a storyboard to plan which type of graphics you require to consider. Remember that perfect planning can help you to make the perfect video whenever you desire. You can use some of the content from the previous one on the web in such a case. Identify what key components help you assemble easier on the editor.

You can even make multiple versions of a single video. But make sure to come up with a short variation each time to engage your targeted audience. You can work with the same theme and concept, but it will not benefit you as much as you desire. Keep your video content simple and unique from other content available online.


Step 3: focus on exciting production

If you are ready with the script and another process, it’s time to focus on producing an exciting video. You can shoot uber eats like apps working to make customers know how it makes the ordering and delivery process easier. It’s the best way to get customers to know what you have to offer to them. Include abstract in your product promotion video; also consider the inadequate narrative concept.

If you include the abstract or short narrative concept, then make sure to prepare everything from the beginning. For example, get your app screenshots to show how it works; however, if you want to show off the screening process, get everything right away to make the video content exciting and unique.


Step 4: decide a video duration 

Decide whether you want to make a 15, 30, 45, or 60 seconds product promotion video? Of course, you can also make a long video if you have enough budget. But instead of making it long to focus on crafting it effectively and powerfully, this will avoid making viewers get frustrated watching the content.


Step 5: choose a video style

It becomes essential for you to have the proper purpose, character, and term estimated out. The primary thing to focus on while developing a product promotion video is the visual style. Product promotional video can be crafted in different ways as per your requirement; you can consider various video styles such as:

  • Animated;
  • Real personalities;
  • B-roll;
  • Stock;
  • Live-action;
  • Screencast;
  • Whiteboard;

Many product promotion videos available online are a combination of every video style. For example, a video showing one customer talking to another about the food and services combines animated and b-roll.


There are endless ways!

Undoubtedly making an excellent product promotion video is not an easy task. Please consider numerous things to make it a subsequent success. Consider the above points to make your video successful; try to make it simple, but remember that it’s not always easy to get the desired result. Besides developing the video, you also need to focus on marketing the same by opting for effective tactics. 


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