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2017 Top Video Editing Software User Guide

Whether you’re looking for the best video editing software in town to turn your family vacation footage into a noteworthy short film, or your boss ordered you to prepare the company video, you’ll soon find out that video editing is a matter of tools: the easiest the task you have to accomplished, the more you have to rely on easy software solution. As the complexity of the finalized product increases, so the scope of your video editing application – granted that you can edit your trip to the sea bottom even in Avid.

  • Old-school video editing workstation.

    Old-school video editing workstation.

    If you ever used a photo or audio editing software, you’ll find yourself in a similar editing environment, and you’ll adjust yourself with relative ease. Otherwise, if your’ newbie, you’d better start with the manual, or the online guide, to better understand the software process and how to execute better your task.

    Every video editing program that you can find around has the same basic features that let you handle your footage, add a music score or some soundtracks, mix audio and titles and transitions. Quite often, lately, many software include some add-ons to capture your screen, so that you get an excellent screencast for your video tutorial or any other reason you’d need a capture of your screen: then you can edit the captured image like it’s footage from a camera. At a recreational level, all these software have many common features: what set them apart is most of all their usability and interface.

    The best software companies put their websites to good use, trying not only to answer to users’ questions (or prevent them), or solve doubts about their products, but also educate the inexperienced user about video editing, even video production.

    Professional video editing software, on the other hand, are defined by other features, such as the quality of the effects or titles, to color correction options or stabilization features, to multi-cam resources, and so on. Processing time is definitely something to think about when choosing your software, but it also depends on your hardware (newer and powerful computers are faster than out-of-date machines). Developers try constantly to improve features (like speed) and reduce stress on the system.

    Of course, everything depends on what you’re after: the aforementioned holiday video, or an industrial video for your company, or something more, or something entirely different. Depending on your needs, there is surely some software here to help you.

    1 Final Cut Pro X

    Maybe Avid Media Composer is the de-facto standard in features editing or broadcasting studio, but Apple’s Final Cut has gained a devoted following through the years: so if you’re searching for a professional video editing software, it’s certainly a valid candidate.

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    2 iMovie

    Either you need a funny Christmas video for your office, or for a business presentation: if you’re a Mac user, iMovie is more than enough for all your needs.

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    3 Avid

    Let’s start by saying that although we know that Avid portfolio includes other products like Pro Tools, or other solutions for media broadcasters, or even some hardware products, in this review we focus on Avid Media Composer, the actual tool to edit videos and movies.

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    4 Pinnacle Studio

    There’s gold in those hills… and it’s yours if you can be bothered to get up and hike out there. Because while Pinnacle Studio 20 glitters and delivers real value, Adobe’s Premiere and Corel’s VideoStudio both also gleam. They’re excellent video editors that deliver very similar services and are much closer at hand. The question is whether budding filmmakers should make the effort to walk away from the familiar and the famous towards a path less taken.

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    5 Stellar Phoenix Video Repair

    All our digital memories are at risk: can be corrupted and ruined forever. Just think about the videos you love: your graduation, your birthday, your child's first words and so on.

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    6 Corel VideoStudio Pro

    While Adobe’s video editor can bring a smile to the face of a professional creative and a look of confusion to a hobbyist, Corel’s VideoStudion Pro does a good job of bridging the gap. That puts it right in the laps of enthusiasts who want to do a bit more than put a title on their vacation videos but aren’t going to be cutting their own feature films.

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    7 Camtasia Studio 8

    Known to be one of the best solution for screen recording, with Version 8 Camtasia becomes a fully-fledged video editing software, a competitor to most of the top-of-the-line software in the field.

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    8 Adobe Premiere

    For budding filmmakers Adobe Premiere can look like the gold standard in consumer video editing software. The company name is known and familiar, and compared to the simple options usually available on their phones or tablets, the program is packed with functions and features that appear to put them right in the cutting room.

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    9 Nero Video 2016

    Among the video editing application that we reviewed, Nero Video has a reason to be, since is quite simple to use (once you know its features), aimed at a consumer market...

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    10 BB FlashBack

    BB FlashBack could be the right fit if you’re looking for a video editing software capable of a quick screencast, but we found it lacking a lot of features that a full fledged must have. Read along to find out more.

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