AI-Powered Voice Assistants Review

AI-Powered Voice Assistants, powered by artificial intelligence, is a conversational marketing software that helps companies recognize spoken language, interpret human language and optimize communications. Administrators can automate several time-consuming tasks, including insurance premium payment reminders and debt collection processes. The platform enables managers to automatically record and analyze call data to improve customer engagement.
It also allows teams to plan automation campaigns, transcribe calls, and divide customers into different categories based on intent, such as: unanswered, interested, unclear, and disinterested. Supervisors can also switch between languages to better engage customers. In fact, the platform includes several languages such as Thai, Hindi, Tamil, Bahasa, Mandarin, Filipino, Vietnamese, and English.



  • Happy human agents: reduces workloads, repetitive calls and frustration, and lets agents do the more fulfilling and valuable work only humans can do.
  • Boost revenue and efficiency: automates lead qualification, telemarketing, renewals, information verification, payment reminders, appointment confirmations and more.
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  • Human-like conversations: understands the sentiment, intent and conversational context, accurately responding to questions while staying 100% compliant.
  • Talking your language: understands languages, dialects and regional accents including Bahasa, Mandarin, Thai, Hindi, Tamil, Filipino, Vietnamese and English.
  • Gets better with experience: the power of machine learning means the voices, responses and solutions rapidly improve over time. The more calls the better.
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  • Scales effortlessly: make and respond to thousands of concurrent calls at the same level of service without creating more work for agents.
  • Integrates seamlessly: the open API plays nicely with your existing call centre, customer service and customer relationship management (CRM) systems.
  • Rapid return on investment: deploy and customise your AI voice assistants in just a few weeks – pay only for what you need with no fixed fees.


AI-Powered Voice Assistants is a virtual assistance software that offers an open API (Application Programming Interface), allowing stakeholders to integrate the solution with existing customer relationship systems. Operators can also use artificial intelligence-based agents to identify potential customers, share promotional information, and answer questions.

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