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Privatize is a cloud-based, VPN software that offers next-generation network security for workforce, distributed and remote. It includes a cloud firewall, DNS filtering, Zero-Trust, 256-bit military encryption for data breach protection, and a dedicated static IP gateway to block cloud resources.
Together with secure RDP and secure remote access to office resources, the program moves devices onto a highly secure shared network, replacing the need for hardware firewalls.


  • Secure On Any Device: the solution has agents that can be downloaded and installed on Windows, MacOS, Android & iOS and can be set up on Linux. Protect your PC, Laptop, Smartphone & Tablet from network attack based attacks.
  • Protected Anywhere, Always: the software tunnels your traffic through the “Remote Office Cluster”, where the enterprise security stack checks the traffic for malicious content and filters it before it gets to your device. This keeps your device protected no matter where you are.
  • Enterprise Network Security: the program does much more than encrypt your data. It protects against network hijacking, intrusion, adware, malware & phishing. It offers reports and brings enterprise level security to all businesses.
  • One Virtual Office: all devices with the solution installed inside of a company are interconnected and access the internet through the “Remote Office Cluster” with a static IP. Lock down internal & cloud resources with access control.


Privatize is a VPN software that uses public key infrastructure (PKI) to protect employee devices without the need for easy to hack and forget passwords that prevent vulnerabilities and make deployment quick and easy.

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