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  • A VPN is a virtual private network useful for protecting your Internet connection, data security, and ensuring privacy and anonymity.
    In this guide we have included the best VPN software, analyzing their pros and cons, value for money and the features they offer.

    1 SPL VPN

    SPL VPN is a VPN application for Android that offers an ultimate solution to all your privacy problems. It hides your IP address and protects your identity while browsing the Internet. Try the secure, unlimited lite VPN app with one-touch superfast connection. In addition to that, no registration is required.

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    2 Perimeter 81

    Perimeter 81 is a leading network cybersecurity solution that provides secure remote access and managed network capabilities on a multi-tenant, highly scalable cloud for organizations worldwide. It integrates seamlessly with leading service providers (Azure, AWS, GCP), allowing you to protect resources in the cloud and on-premises.

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    3 IPVanish

    IPVanish is a virtual private network (VPN) software designed to help individuals and businesses of all sizes secure Internet connections and protect private data from online theft and unauthorized access. The platform allows you to encrypt Internet traffic and networks and establish anonymous IP addresses to securely access websites and online media.

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    4 Pritunl

    Pritunl is a VPN software that helps companies of all sizes create cloud virtual private networks across multiple data centers and share access with remote users. The solution integrates with the Amazon Web Services API, which allows teams to configure VPCs and automate the management of IP routing tables.

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    5 Privatize

    Privatize is a cloud-based, VPN software that offers next-generation network security for workforce, distributed and remote. It includes a cloud firewall, DNS filtering, Zero-Trust, 256-bit military encryption for data breach protection, and a dedicated static IP gateway to block cloud resources.

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    6 ExpressVPN

    ExpressVPN is a virtual private network software that helps small businesses and individuals access censored or blocked websites, videos and applications through an AES-256 encrypted server. The VPN split tunneling feature allows users to route limited and specific device traffic through VPN.

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    7 Soax

    Soax is an award-winning data capture service that gives you a smarter, faster way to collect information. This solution offers a range of trusted service provider IPs so that users can remain productive and anonymous online, no matter what. The user interface makes it easy to integrate proxy configurations into any software.

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    8 Cisco AnyConnect

    Cisco AnyConnect is a virtual private network (VPN) software designed to provide the remote workforce with secure enterprise-wide network access across multiple locations and devices. Administrators can use the platform to identify network usage details and automatically perform endpoint assessments to ensure data security.

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    9 CyberGhost VPN

    CyberGhost VPN is designed to help organizations streamline anonymous browsing and data encryption operations through a unified platform. The application allows users to hide their IP addresses, securely access public wi-fi, process online transactions, and redirect traffic through an encrypted VPN tunnel.

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    10 Windscribe

    Windscribe is a VPN software that allows you to mask your IP address so that you have unrestricted and private access to entertainment sites, news and content blocked in over 63 different countries. There are many governments that block certain content based on location and many companies that track and sell your personal information.

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