8 Email Lead Generation Techniques to Boost Your Customer Base

Email marketing is as popular as ever. It is an amazing way to promote your new products or to find potential customers for your business. Over the years, people have become a lot better at the research required and the ways in which they can tempt people to join their email list. Plus, once you have a mailing list, there are certain techniques that mean you can market more effectively and keep your marketing relevant and interesting.

Online lead generation for email marketing

Let’s delve into some of the email marketing techniques that can be used to boost your business.

What is email lead generation?

Email lead generation is any activity that can potentially bring you new leads. It can be something as simple as a signup box on your blog, or something more complex like a free giveaway, or even a way of targeting specific individuals to email.

Why having a lead generation strategy is important

Without a strategy, your email marketing methods are likely to fail. You can’t just feed random email addresses into a mailing list and hope to make sales. You need a targeted method of obtaining the email addresses, and then a solid sales funnel.

How to find the right person to email

If you are looking for a person within a company, you can research an email address before you reach out to that person. Thanks to the internet, there is usually a trail behind every email and you can quickly see whether an email is active.

An email search tool can provide you with a simple overview of an email account that has subscribed to your list or one that you have found online and want to reach out to.

Segment your list

One of the best tactics to boost your open rates and get more people to pay attention to what you are doing is to segment your list. This can be done by interests, or location, or even by age. Gathering as much information on your list members as possible is vital to segment your list, something else that an email lookup can help you with.

By segmenting your list, you can make sure you only send people messages that they are likely to be interested in, rather than spamming them.

Lead generation for social media marketing

  • Facebook Ads – you can generate leads by advertising via social media, and Facebook is a great way to target people specifically. They have effectively created a huge database of peoples’ interests and personal details, so you can target your marketing. Offer a free giveaway or another tempting offer and you can gather email addresses through Facebook ads.
  • Twitter – Either using Twitter’s advertising platform or sponsored posts, you can provide a bigger reach for your marketing campaigns. Make sure you have a way to capture those email addresses and more data that can be used later.
  • LinkedIn – LinkedIn is one of the best platforms for B2B marketing rather than B2C. Publishing a lot of information, and networking via LinkedIn can be a great way to get leads from potential new customers and clients.

Best software for lead generation


Hubspot can be used for many different aspects of lead generation and email marketing. It’s a CRM that combines marketing, and even sales and customer relationship tools. Much of it can be automated, and you can even link your social media platforms for more of an automated approach.


This is a tool for finding new leads. It’s effectively an add-on for your browser, designed to show more information about someone when you visit their profile. It works really well on LinkedIn, and can show someone’s connections as well as some of their contact details. It’s great for prospecting new leads.


This tool is all about capturing and managing your leads. As well as allowing you to create simple forms to collect peoples’ email addresses (and other data) it also integrates with many different CRMs. This means that you can easily link it to your existing workflow. You can set advanced rules for targeting, and this lets you collect even more data that allows you to reach people more effectively with targeted ads as you create your campaigns.


Email marketing has been around for a long time, but in the modern age, it is possible to use it to great effect, even in a world with dozens of other potential methods of reaching people online.

The key is targeting individuals and ensuring that you build a solid email list of people who are interested in your business and what you have to offer, before you create a targeted campaign to sell them your services or your products. Our email lead generation techniques will help you to gain potential customers and expand the reach of your business.


Emily Andrews is the marketing communications specialist at RecordsFinder, an online public records search company. Communications specialist by day and community volunteer at night, she believes in compassion and defending the defenseless.

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