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Scrumwise is an online tool to help teams and organizations manage Scrum projects. This Agile platform is designed to work efficiently by allowing managers and team members to focus on project goals. Managers have the ability to use the software throughout the entire project lifecycle, from team development to final reporting.
Key features include team creation, user roles/authorizations, real-time chat, comments, task boards, burndown charts, kanban boards, and time tracking. Project managers can view detailed time logs by team member, sprint and calendar period, which can be exported as CSV files. Another important feature is the ability to create and manage backlogs. Backlogs can be organized using lists, tags, and filters.


  • Amazingly easy to use: if you know basic Scrum concepts, you’ll immediately feel at home, without any need for training.
  • Lightning fast: fast and responsive, you’ll never wait for data to load. Feels amazing if you’re on a slow connection.
  • Contextualized information: all details are shown in popups that open on the same page, keeping all information in context.
  • Auto saving: never worry about clicking “Save” or losing any changes. Everything saves automatically in the background.
  • Realtime updating: everything in Scrumwise updates in realtime. What you see is always up-to-date, without ever having to refresh.
  • Drag and drop: you can drag and drop everything into the solution.
  • Cut & paste: cut & paste to move or duplicate backlog items and tasks. This can also be done straight to spreadsheets.
  • Right-click menu: right-click to access more options, just like you would in a desktop app.
  • Comments: discuss backlog items, tasks, sprints, or projects and get notified when somebody replies.
  • Attachments: attach files to your work, such as sketches, specifications, screenshots, or anything else.
  • GitHub integration: integrate with GitHub, allowing you to include information in commit messages.
  • Email notifications: get notified by email when something of interest happens, such as replies or assigned work.
  • Activity history: everything has an activity history, allowing you to see who changed what.
  • Export: export data by copy & pasting directly into spreadsheets, or by exporting to CSV or XML files.
  • API: use the API to programmatically access and modify your data. Sync with other tools one-way or two-way.


Scrumwise is an Agile project management software that offers integration with GitHub, plus, if teams need further integration with third-party systems the API is open.

Try it out and leave a review too.

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Usability: 7 /10 Speed: 9 /10 Features: 7.5 /10 Support: 8 /10 Pricing: 8 /10

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