Backup and Restore Review

by Microsoft (WA, USA)

With Backup and Restore, you achieve level-one safety,

With Backup and Restore, you achieve level-one safety,

If you usually work and live on Windows computer, you’d better have a backup strategy in place. Fortunately, Microsoft facilitates your efforts to save your data with Backup and Restore, a feature of Windows operating systems since Vista in 2007.

Given that by this time you should have learned that a backup is not a choice but a duty (to yourself, at least), Backup and Restore allows you to comfortably sleep tight in a few clicks. You just have to plug in an external drive and you’re ready to go.

Unlike Apple’s Time Machine, Backup and Restore has a few more features, in line with Microsoft tinkering history. You can select a file backup or an image one; the image disk will be bootable, either from another computer or your own.

To restore a file (or a group of files), you just have to browse through the backup, and the software will preview the file to ensure that you choose exactly what you need (and the specific version you need, also).


Overall, Backup and Restore is the go-to backup solution for your Windows PC. You can surely find something that caters particular needs, but with Backup and Restore you have your basis covered.

Usability: 8 /10 Speed: 8 /10 Features: 8 /10 Support: 7 /10 Pricing: 9 /10

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