The best free brand management software

Accurate Reviews, in this article, shows which are the best free brand management software by including tutorials and short program descriptions.


Brand management programs are very useful because they offer lots of features that can support companies of both small and large brands in the creation and publication of campaigns, advertisements and promotions. The goal is to simplify and automate all those operations that normally require both time and money.
The price also has its weight especially for those who are new to their business and for this reason in the list you will find only free software or software that has a free version.


Kontentino is a brand management software that is primarily aimed at social media experts and teams, marketing and communication agencies who want to improve and optimize content on their social channels. It is in fact an online platform, also available for iOS and Android devices, which entirely manages the contents on social media starting from the organization and planning of the same to get to their publication. With the simple drag & drop function, you can duplicate posts, plan your budget, filter posts based on content topic labels, send them to supervisors, art directors or clients for approval and much more.


Here is a short video that shows us how this brand management program works:

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Frontify is a web-based brand management software designed for companies, agencies and businesses of all sizes, which allows them to improve brand consistency for stakeholders inside and outside their organization. It is easy to use and it is very flexible. It allows companies to create custom guidelines that specify how the brand should be designed and what components and elements it should have. You can edit style guides by uploading logos, images, fonts, icons, videos, color palettes and notes. Additionally, this brand management softwareallows users to work on their own brand designs through a streamlined project workflow.


The tutorial explains how to create a compelling and consistent brand experience with this brand management software:

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Yotpo is one of the most popular content marketing apps, designed specifically for ecommerce stores and retail businesses. This system allows customers to generate product reviews and use the best of them as incentives to increase sales. Additionally, Yotpo is designed as a plug-and-play social review and ecommerce app that collects verified reviews against any other competitor and offers customers a simple and smart mobile-first review experience. Looking ahead, the program makes companies more credible regardless of their market share and can be integrated with any software the company uses.


See how simple it is to create meaningful, long-term relationships with customers using this brand management software:

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FALCON.IO is a brand management software that any social media marketer should have as it allows you to become not only a content wizard but also an analytics fanatic, a customer hero and above all a strategy guru. In fact, it offers lots of tools that concern the planning and publication of content, the management and monitoring of customers and also of competitors and industry leaders.
By choosing, you will save a lot of time while still succeeding in your goal: to build a winning social strategy that gives greater visibility to your brand.


Below is a video tutorial regarding the Publish tool:

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