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In this time, through the middle of the pandemic, online assessments, supervision, and exams have reinvented test management. Many examination authorities in schools, universities and business organizations prefer to take exams remotely over paper exams.


Web-based systems may seem like a complicated innovation at first, but they are developed to allow examiners to conduct relevant tests at their convenience. Accurate Reviews experts have compiled a list of popular free and open source exam solutions. Supported by advanced software, this quiz creation, analysis and proofing programs are considered a great way to conduct exams and assessments at all levels, systems and categories. These solutions are in great demand on the market due to their easy-to-use, intuitive and flexible nature.

ProProfs Quiz Maker

ProProfs Training Maker is a cloud-based learning management system (LMS) designed for businesses of all sizes that offers course building, assessment, certification management, grading and ecommerce functionality within a single suite. The strong point of the software is the quiz creation module that allows users to conduct assessment tests from within the solution itself. ProProfs offers the creation of courses using their own training material with predefined templates. Users can also upload multimedia files such as audios, videos and documents. The program module can be accessed anytime and anywhere on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.


Let’s watch this tutorial together to learn how to create tailor-made tests for your students:

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Think Exam

Think Exam is an online exam platform that allows businesses, educational institutions, and government organizations to create and conduct assessments for candidates and students. Users can create tests by defining the name, evaluation scheme, time limit or guidelines for the exam, preview finished models before final selection and include additional tools such as timer displays or calculators. Think Exam allows you to add images, subsections, math equations or multilingual questions to your assessments. Administrators can create custom candidate profiles, group students for similar courses, and export data in Excel format for future reference. Users can also upload custom questionnaires or use the centralized repository to select various question types such as multiple choice, true/false, fill in the blanks, essay and more.


Let’s look together at the tutorial showing the demo of this online exam software:

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Edbase is a cloud-based solution that helps teachers, students, human resources departments, and educational institutions streamline online exam operations such as assessment design, result generation, and more. The question editor allows users to create question sets with elements such as text, images, videos and so on. Edbase allows administrators to assign tests to the entire class or to specific students and to define the place, duration and date of the exam. It allows teaching staff to automatically grade multiple choice questions and submit feedback and comments on specific questions or answers. Additionally, attendants can create security checks by blocking screens, setting time limits and generating random question sequences, limiting fraudulent activity.


The tutorial below shows you how to take advantage of the features of this online exam software:

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QuizCV is an easy-to-use web platform that allows users to create custom exams in minutes. The application can be used to create question and questionnaire templates for data collection purposes, surveys, employee evaluations and more. Attendees can then be invited via email notifications. Once the exams are concluded, the system can then generate results along with detailed reports for further analysis. QuizCV users can edit their custom tests and integrate specific elements, such as open-ended questions, time limits, question pages and randomization, and much more. The platform is an ideal tool for businesses and organizations aiming to effortlessly produce and implement tests.


Let’s look at how, in 3 simple steps, you can create questionnaires for your business purposes:

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ClassMarker is a web-based testing solution that allows users to create customized online questions and quizzes for business, educational and training assessments. The platform includes tools for the assignment of tests, automatic evaluation and feedback, performance reports, creation of certificates and more. With ClassMarker, administrators can create custom exams and quizzes with a range of login, delivery and completion settings. Users can check the number of attempts allowed for each test, time limits, branding, question randomization, required answers, immediate or post-exam evaluation, and more. Access to exams can be controlled with specific test passwords and paywalls. Upon completion, participants can have access to their scores and/or percentages, correct and incorrect answers, personalized feedback and certificates of passing or completion.


Let’s look at the main functions of this online exam software:

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