The best online exam platforms

The online exam platforms are a support for easy assessment of students or future employees of a company. These software allow you to create, manage and archive candidate test results in a simple and safe way. Accurate Reviews has selected the best programs on the web for you.


Below you will find a list of the best online exam platforms that allow you to remotely manage tests for your employees or students. You can create reports on the progress of exams, correct questionnaires, generate certificates for passing tests and much more all in a single solution. Choose the program that is right for you among these 5 software:


Classtime is a software developed to bring benefits mainly to schools, learning institutes and companies that prefer online teaching. It is a real online exam platform that can be used in the event that learning takes place exclusively online or to combine frontal lessons with online assessments that are made immediately after the explanation in such a way as to immediately evaluate the level understanding of students.
Teachers will be able to create more captivating lessons and exams by inserting images or Youtube videos and also using the question library, made up of more than 30,000 questions designed by experts in the school field. To make everything more fun, Classtime allows you to create collaborative challenges and puzzles to do with the kids in order to involve them more and encourage learning.


Here is a video tutorial that will allow us to understand how this online exam platform works:

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GoConqr is a platform that is primarily aimed at teachers and trainers from schools and companies, designed to make online learning more dynamic and more engaging. It is asoftware to create online exams, which includes numerous tools useful for the creation of unique and captivating content able to reach everyone. There are many steps: we move from lesson planning, to collective brainstorming, to write down all the main topics, up to the final test.
The GoConqr library is definitely functional, a real archive where users can upload their learning material and share it with other users. The ultimate goal of this online exam platform is to provide better digital learning experiences.


Let’s take a look at this video to better understand how it works:

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Test Invite

Test Invite is a program that allows teachers, trainers and recruiters to create online examsfor their students. It is a cloud-based software through which you can consult a library of assessments from which to draw inspiration to create your online test. To make it safer and eliminate the possibility of cheating during the test, the browser blocking and the possibility to record the screen of the participants with the webcam has been included. Test Invite has been operational since 2015 and is used by more than 5000 customers from more than 50 countries. Its popularity is due to the ease of use, the monitoring of online exams, the many advanced features and the security it offers. It also has a YouTube channel where you can find numerous video tutorials that will guide you better in its use.


Let’s take a look at one of the videos on the channel to better understand how it works:

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Synap is a learning management system for companies that offers the tools to create customized short training courses for employees. The cloud-based tool can be used to help with onboarding new hires, compliance training, exam review and more. The solution uses learning algorithms to assess student strengths and weaknesses and create customized learning plans. Synap makes it easy to create learning courses, with the ability to include a range of file formats such as learning tools with videos, articles, quizzes, PDFs, YouTube content, and more. The courses are divided into small segments with the aim of making the content more accessible for students and improving engagement. Students can complete the learning modules using a PC or on the go with the Android and iOS mobile apps.


Here is a tutorial in here showing how to create quizzes useful for employee training:


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FlexiQuiz is an online quiz software and assessment creator that allows users to generate customized tests for employees, clients or students. Assessments may be published privately to be accessible only by select groups or publicly. FlexiQuiz is designed to be easy to use with hundreds of configurable features to help anyone quickly create engaging tests, questionnaires or courses. The platform offers eight question type templates, with time limits, progress bars, certificates, notifications, and the ability to add logos, images, video or audio. Content can be shared publicly or privately using password protected accounts. FlexiQuiz also offers powerful reporting tools to visualize data on an individual level.


 Here is a tutorial showing how to easily create a question series using this online exam software:

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