Best IDE

Top 2024 Integrated Development Environment Software

  • 1 Xcode

    Apple made it. That should be reason enough to use Xcode, especially for fanboys. If it’s got that half-eaten Granny Smith on the front, it’s not just good enough, it’s a tablet of stone handed down from Mount Cupertino.

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    2 Microsoft Visual Studio

    Visual Studio 2017 is the latest version of Microsoft's integrated development environments, and run on Android, iOS, Windows, the Web and cloud.

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    3 Aptana

    Sometimes, when you’ve got a job to do, you want to reach for the fancy, expensive tool that can only do one job but can do it like nothing else can. And sometimes you just want to give something a whack with something big and heavy, and the first thing to hand will do: a hammer, a brick, the bottom of a shoe.

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    4 PHPStorm

    Coding an app, building a website or writing a software program are all a bit like taking a long-distance flight. When you take your seat, knowing that you’ve got hours and hours (and hours) of screen time ahead of you, you want to feel comfortable. Even though every other seat is exactly the same as yours, you want to make your environment feel both homely and unique, and once you’re settled in, you don’t want to change anything until you’ve reached your destination.

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