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Dropbox Business is a file sharing system stemming from Dropbox, and aimed specifically at businesses and business users. You can use the app to securely share your files, easily synchronize them and collaborate with your colleagues. Dropbox Business offers plenty of storage to store your files, plus sophisticated security features and dedicated live support. It also enables admins to have full control over user activity and company information, in particular because the product is well integrated and works seamlessly with a variety of systems. Over 150,000 companies use Dropbox Business, including major corporations such as Yahoo, Macmillan, Hyatt, News Corp and National Geographic. It is also worth mentioning the unlimited file versions history, which allows to quickly restore a previous version of a document, maintaining password protected links. Setting passwords and specific levels of permissions can be easily done for all Dropbox files. To enhance the protection of sensitive information, the system provides an additional level of security in the form of a link with an admin-decided expiration time, useful when you need to grant temporary access. The administrator can control memberships, authorizations, connected devices and can audit sharing activities. The remote wipe feature allows to protect your files if your device is stolen. You will have access to reliable customer support and will be assisted by an expert team that has an answer for every question.


Find out, with this tutorial, how to use shared folders to collaborate with colleagues and customers on this program.



  • Flexible storage plans: Choose the right plan to ensure your team members have all the storage space they need for work
  • File recovery and version history: easily restore deleted files and recover previous versions of a file
  • Team folder management: get visibility and control over team folders, including sync management
  • Link permissions: password-protect your links, disable downloads or set expiration dates to grant temporary access
  • Dropbox Paper: create, share and keep the team synchronized and protect the company with administrative controls
  • Smart synchronization: access every file on Dropbox, directly from the desktop, using very little disk space
  • Administrator Dashboard: monitors team activity, displays connected devices and controls sharing activity
  • Account transfer tool: easily transfer files from one user to another, when responsibilities change
  • Dropbox Showcase: present your work on a professional-looking page and keep track of who interacts with your files
  • Real-time support: get answers to your questions quickly with priority assistance via email, chat and telephone.


Dropbox Business is a good digital document archiving program that allows you to maintain complete control over important company data and the activities of your collaborators.

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Usability: 9 /10 Speed: 9 /10 Features: 9 /10 Support: 9.5 /10 Pricing: 8 /10

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