Best-rated graphic design software

In this article, Accurate Reviews experts have selected the 5 best graphic design programs based on the score of reviews left by users. Find out which ones they are.

Graphic design software: which are the best?

To create professional, high-quality and more engaging illustrations, drawings and graphic design projects, people often rely on graphic design platforms. These are able to optimize and improve your work, saving you time that you can spend on other activities.
Below is a list mentioning the best graphic design software according to the Accurate Reviews experts: choose the one that’s right for you.


VistaCreate (formerly Crello) is a graphic design platform where anyone can quickly create eye-catching designs for any occasion. Available for free with a wide range of features including a fully integrated design library of one million royalty-free photos, videos and graphics with no limit on downloads, background removal tool, Brand Kit feature that stores the brand as a logo to keep all designs consistent with brand identity and 10 GB of storage space. Graphics for social media, blogging, animation, advertising, marketing and events can be created simply in a few clicks using pre-designed templates for virtually any need. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr graphics can be enhanced with animations, custom typography, shapes, sounds, icons and stickers.


Let’s look at how easy it is to create static and animated designs with this graphic design software:

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Easelly is a cloud-based infographic platform designed to help students, educators and businesses of all sizes create and share visual forms and infographics to visualize processes, projects, reports, ideas and more. This software allows organizations to showcase data or information using custom flowcharts, announcements, posters, timelines, maps and teaching guides. The program comes with customization features, which allow teams to insert objects, rearrange graphics, change fonts, draw arrows and modify other design elements using customizable templates. Designers can also adjust opacity, define rows, columns, values and labels in dynamic charts, and change alignment and objects between images and infographics.


Here is a video presentation of this graphic design software:

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Pixelmator Pro is a graphic design solution developed for Apple products to help businesses adjust, edit and enhance images using various tools, colors, customizable work areas and more. It provides a predefined collection of shapes, allowing professionals to add stars, arrows, comics and other polygonal figures to compositions as needed. The software allows illustrators to create posters and web pages using shape, text and image layers on a drag-and-drop interface. Professionals can clone parts, remove unwanted objects and darken areas within images. It also allows designers to search for specific effects by name and preview them before applying them.


Here is a tutorial explaining the main functions of this graphic design software:

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Adobe Spark is a cloud-based design platform that allows users to create custom graphics, web pages and videos. The solution has developed native apps for Android and iOS. Automatic synchronization of designs across the web and mobile apps allows users to work from anywhere, anytime. Users can create custom content from a range of templates or from scratch, with the ability to customize logos, colors, fonts and images to reflect their cause, business or personal brand. Designs are automatically resized for different channels, allowing users to create banners for blogs, Instagram posts or stories, YouTube thumbnails, Facebook ads and more, without having to manually resize images.


Let’s take a look at the tutorial to create beautiful graphics with this graphic design software:

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Penji is a graphic design service that allows you to streamline and automate the process of creating and editing your graphic designs. It’s an online platform that provides you with a professional designer for any type of requests. All you’ll have to do is explain your needs and goals to the designer, and in 48 hours maximum you’ll receive a draft. To make this experience even more enjoyable and complete, Penji lets you revise your project or even change designer until you are satisfied with the result. Once the project is finalized, simply download it with one click.


Below is a video that explains how this graphic design software works:

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