The best 5 review management software

In this Accurate Reviews article we recommend the best review management software that can help raise your company’s profile up in the eyes of your customers.


Review management is the process of tracking customer reviews posted on your website or social media channels. Every small and large business should actively monitor, analyze and reply to all reviews, no matter the sentiment. An efficient review management strategy can help you address negative (or false) comments and promote good ones to build a reliable brand image. The greater the number of positive reviews, the greater the chances that your business will rank high in Google search results.
Let’s see what are the 5 best software on the web.


JustLikeAPI is a unique service for scraping reviews and other review-related data from some of the most complicated websites. Its users can save a lot of time and money by not having to manage dozens of different review websites. It is a lightweight, easy-to-use tool for reputation management professionals and data analysts to use as a way to aggregate large amounts of review-related data for people and organizations. It currently supports Web sites such as TrustPilot, OpenTable, Realself, The Knot, The Real Yellow Pages, Glassdoor, TripAdvisor, Zomato, Google, WeddingWire, Zillow, HomeAdvisor, Vitals, ProductReview, Facebook, Indeed, Yelp, Houzz and others.


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LocalClarity is an online review and reputation management solution designed to assist multi-location businesses, franchises, and agencies in monitoring, responding to reviews, and improving their online reputation. The platform also helps users obtain detailed information on aggregated local search result data other than Google and other social platforms. The Review Inbox technology enables customers to respond to customer feedback with built-in templates for saved responses, workflows for branded response approval, and enterprise-level rights management to distribute work across locations. Data is aggregated daily in the multi-location dashboard, from which users can monitor, manage and respond to their online reviews.


Here’s how this software can help you manage reviews:

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Nicereply is a review management solution that helps companies solve various problems such as less customer feedback, declining customer numbers, and the need to improve the quality of the support department. The software allows organizations to ask customers for feedback at the bottom of each email and act quickly to shorten a conversation when it starts to get long. It also allows administrators to automatically poll customers after a ticket, chat, deal or conversation is closed or after customers have finished a purchase. Users can choose how long to wait for post-resolution/post-purchase before sending a survey.


This tutorial shows how to integrate this review management software with Zendesk:

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Rocket Referrals

Rocket Referrals is a reputation management software designed to help companies collect feedback to gauge customer sentiments, automate customer communications, and manage online reputation. Administrators can share Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys with customers and receive notifications about dissatisfied customers. The platform allows managers to automatically approve and send greetings, thank-you and welcome messages, as well as important updates. The software allows teams to connect with website visitors via real-time chat via mobile applications on Android and iOS devices. Supervisors can also use built-in templates to create customized communication messages and set up cross-selling campaigns. Operators can also get detailed information on customer engagement information, communications, local search rankings, recommendations and other actionable data on a centralized dashboard.


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Broadly is an online proofreading and review management tool that helps small businesses providing services improve their online reputation, increase reviews and attract new customers. The solution helps local businesses build their online presence and improve search rankings through SEO. The one-click technology allows customers to easily write feedback on Google, Facebook and business websites, as well as other major review platforms. Real-time feedback allows companies to get instant information, enabling them to follow up with customers about their experiences and address any issues immediately and privately. The multi-location dashboard allows franchisees to monitor, manage and respond to their online reviews across multiple locations from a single dashboard.


Let’s take a look at the dashboard of this review management software:

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