CIS Utility Billing Review

CIS Utility Billing is a web-based solution designed to assist municipalities in meter reading and rate management. Key features include checking, job scheduling, check scanning, electronic invoicing, customer account management, reporting and alerts. The application is equipped with an automatic meter reading function, which allows supervisors to collect data on consumption and the status of water, sewage, gas, electricity and waste and transform them to facilitate billing. Managers can use the work resource management module to monitor equipment, assign tasks to employees, and schedule plant maintenance. Additionally, with the self-service portal, customers can view individual usage data and connect with utility providers to check invoice payments.


Here is a video showing how this utility billing program can help you in your work:


  • Automatic meter reading
  • Invoicing and payment management
  • Business administration
  • Customer account management
  • Event alerts and process planning
  • Counter management
  • Payment services and solutions
  • Management of the tariff structure
  • Security checks and audits
  • Usage data analysis
  • Interception of bank checks


CIS Utility Billing is a billing program that offers integration with various third-party accounting platforms such as SAP, QuickBooks and others, allowing employees to manage general ledger data and monitor financial assets. Using the reflow management module, users can schedule inspections and track supplier licenses and certifications. Leave a review on this software too:

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Usability: 9 /10 Speed: 9 /10 Features: 9 /10 Support: 9 /10 Pricing: 7 /10

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