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Top 2021 billing software

  • Have you ever thought of using a software that automates all the management of expenses, utilities, bills, payments, invoices, reports and alerts for your business? If you haven’t already, now is definitely the time to do it.
    In this list you will find the best billing programs reviewed by Accurate Reviews experts, who analyze their pros and cons, the value for money and the features they offer.

    1 UtilityBilling

    UtilityBilling is a complete billing software suitable for small startups or large companies. The platform offers metered, gradual and flat rate billing, with simplified payments and meter reading. Users can set up automatic e-mail payment reminders, view reports and even work on the go using the mobile app.

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    2 El Dorado Utility Billing

    El Dorado Utility Billing is a cloud-based utility billing solution designed to assist municipalities, property managers and service providers with automatic billing and creation of invoices. The main features include consumption monitoring, customer account management and financial reporting.

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    3 Tridens Monetization

    Tridens Monetization is cloud-based billing software designed for companies of different industrial sectors such as communications, energy, finance, utilities, healthcare, media, entertainment, travel, retail, and logistics. It helps organizations create product catalogs, manage customers, collections and set discounts.

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    4 CIS Utility Billing

    CIS Utility Billing is a web-based solution designed to assist municipalities in meter reading and rate management. Key features include checking, job scheduling, check scanning, electronic invoicing, customer account management, reporting and alerts. The application is equipped with an automatic meter reading function, which allows supervisors to collect data on consumption and the status of water, sewage, gas, electricity and waste and transform them to facilitate billing.

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    5 Muni-Link

    Muni-Link is a cloud-based utility billing solution designed for municipalities, utility companies and companies that bill customers for utilities. The software includes e-invoicing, online payment processing, built-in CASS certification, a customer portal, and more.

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    6 MuniBilling

    MuniBilling is a billing program that is aimed mainly at private management companies and associations, municipalities, universities with the ultimate aim of providing a complete and easy to use billing service. It is a cloud-based platform, used to better manage expenses, commissions, bills, reports and all activities that normally take longer.

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    7 SOFTWater

    SOFTWater is a utility billing software created specifically to simplify the work of utility companies. In fact, it deals with eliminating manual operations, any errors and above all managing the bills relating to electricity, gas, water, toilets, sewers and other recurring costs.

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    8 Quikwater

    Quikwater is a cloud-based utility billing solution for small and medium-sized municipalities. The solution manages water and sewage charges and provides a database in which a municipal authority can store data for all residents. The solution analyzes the monthly usage details. Key features include on-screen invoice calculation, bar charts, editable invoice formats, transaction rollback functionality, correspondence printing and outage alerts.

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    9 Diversified Billing

    Diversified Billing is a utility billing system that allows businesses to manage customer service and payment processing operations. It is available as installed LAN software or as a cloud application and is designed for billing for water, sewer, waste, electricity and gas.

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    10 Banyon Data

    Banyon Data has over 37 years of experience in developing utility billing software for the public and private sectors. The program can be configured to bill services such as water, sewage, gas, electricity, waste and more.

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