Mimecast Cloud Archive Review

Mimecast Cloud Archive is a cloud-based email archiving software that provides a single secure archive where files, emails, data and other content are collected. Thus, it is excellent for companies that want to protect and preserve corporate information and, at the same time, optimize and improve administrative management.
In fact, this program not only archives emails but also enables long-term business insights and reports and improves employee productivity and workflow efficiency.



  • Sync & Recover: it provides integrated archiving and data recovery capabilities, delivering fast and easy email inbox restoration. Organizations can manage compliance archiving and data resilience from a single, easily searched Administration Console, without the need for dedicated backup and recovery solutions
  • Compliance & Supervision: in today’s regulatory climate, it’s safe to say that existing regulations will evolve, new ones will emerge, and few will go away. A modern approach to meeting compliance requirements safeguards your data, your people, and your brand. Mimecast Cloud Archive helps you meet today’s regulatory, legal, and corporate requirements quickly and accurately
  • Mimecast Simply Migrate: it reduces the time, cost, and complexity of shifting away from outdated archive systems by dramatically streamlining and accelerating the transfer of legacy data to Mimecast Cloud Archive. Mimecast manages archives in specific geographic regions to ensure that they are tamper-resistant and delivers simplified compliance, accelerated e-discovery, and flexible retention management
  • Discovery & Early Case Assessment: leverage the power of Mimecast Cloud Archive to collect, preserve, discover, and review all types of Electronically Stored Information, empowering IT and legal stakeholders and reducing the need to rely on expensive, third-party solutions Archive for
  • Microsoft Teams: it is a single, fully integrated solution that enables organizations to protect, discover, investigate, and recover data from internal and external threats that target cloud messaging and collaboration platforms.


Mimecast Cloud Archive is an online email archiving solution that can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

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Usability: 8.7 /10 Speed: 7.6 /10 Features: 8 /10 Support: 8.8 /10 Pricing: 5 /10

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