Airmail Review

by Bloop (Siena, Italy)

Airmail has a clean interface and a lot of features.

Airmail has a clean interface and a lot of features.

If Apple Mail is not enough for your tastes, you should definitely try Airmail, which is an excellent email client with a lot of features for power users.

Usability & Speed

Airmail interface is perfectly blended with its operating system: it’s a well crafted application and you can surely use it in a professional environment. Airmail design is clear and plain simple: you can immediately decode every icon and label, and everything’s predictable, just as if the app was written by Apple itself.
It’s also very quick and responsive, and that’s another positive aspect when using the app.


Airmail integrates a simple email client with some productivity stuff, carrying on a line of software like Mailbox (which was acquired by Dropbox). You can flag each message like a To do, a Memo, or Done if you actually did what you had to do. It integrates seamlessly with system or third-party apps, such Reminders, Calendar, or OmniFocus, Fantastical and others.
But aside from the productivity nerds, also the good-old email lovers will rejoice: Airmail supports most of Gmail shortcuts, and you can compose messages in HTML or MarkDown, seeing the actual code you’re creating.


On Airmail’s website, you can find many resources, presented in a bloggish way. You can find more searching for specific topics, and contacting them on Twitter will grant you a quick reply.


You can buy Airmail on the Mac App Store for a tiny sum. There’s no recurring payment in place, so it’s a small one-time fee. Of course, if you want to use the app on your iPhone and iPad, you have to buy the particular iOS version.


Airmail is surely one of the best email clients that you can find on macOS.

Usability: 8.5 /10 Speed: 8 /10 Features: 8 /10 Support: 7 /10 Pricing: 8 /10

Users Reviews


  1. With state laws changing regarding contacting employees after hours this needs a date and time future delivery added. Should not need to put all those emails in drafts then look for them the next day to send throughout the day. Or maybe even next week.

  2. You mention BUT: Airmail does NOT work with VPNs activated. So what’s more important, security, or pretty colours on your email homepage, while everyone hacks your email and knows exactly who & where you are. Crazy to make an email client that’s incompatible with a VPN.

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