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One of the most interesting and complete email management utilities is EverDesk. With an email client and a bright, well-designed dashboard that shows an overview of your files and emails, this program could replace the Windows desktop interface. Once the account is set up, the Inbox is updated and displays new messages, drafts, outbox, along with the attachments and other files. You can quickly group relevant emails and files, access applications and log in to your favorite websites. Hover over a message to view the text and add notes.


  • View email messages from different accounts in one folder
  • It allows you to keep all emails on a specific topic in one place for easy access
  • View all attachments in a folder
  • Preview of attachments of any type including images, music, Office documents, movies, PDFs, etc.
  • Copy / move attachments directly to any folder of your choice with a mouse click
  • Attachments retain the sender’s information even after being separated from their email
  • Create sorting rules to organize and manage emails
  • Personalize your communications with signatures, logos etc.


EverDesk is a complete and intuitive email client application designed to replace Outlook and provide an efficient method to easily check and organize all emails, as well as add and manage various contacts, links, programs and documents. Download it and leave your comment with a review.

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Usability: 9.5 /10 Speed: 9 /10 Features: 7.5 /10 Support: 8 /10 Pricing: 9 /10

Users Reviews


  1. I have been awaiting a response to a Pre-Sales question for almost three weeks now — if they are like this before purchase, what hope is there for after? (They have been reminded too)

  2. It appears that the owner of everdesk.com has closed down the website. Without being able to verify registration Everdesk will not run. Everdesk is finished!

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