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The Bat is a safe email client that can be installed as a desktop software or as a server application. It was created by Ritlabs, a software company founded in 1998. The company’s goal is to create secure communication products for private customers and businesses. The software allows you to work with an unlimited number of mailboxes, has powerful sorting filters, fully customizable message templates, Mail Dispatcher and many other features. The Bat works on any Windows operating system. This software is equipped with an advanced end-to-end encryption system.


Let’s look at how to install this mail client program on our pc:


  • Privacy protection: works with the most widespread authentication and encryption protocols while working with mail servers. Equipped with smart security buttons, it allows you to protect your information
  • Antivirus defense: protection against malware. This tool successfully fights malicious codes embedded in HTML images
  • Intelligent sorting: the Sorting Office is a powerful filtering system that not only sorts incoming, outgoing, read and replied-to messages, but can also automatically reply, postpone replies with a personalized templatel; forward, redirect, print or export messages; send read receipts; run an external program and more
  • Message Templates: In addition to signatures, the software allows you to create message templates. Any mailbox, folder, or Address Book entry can be associated to a set of templates. These templates will speed up the message composition process
  • Message Parking: Message parking is designed to prevent accidental deletion of an important message. When a message is parked, it will not be possible to move it to another folder, nor delete it
  • Quick Templates: This feature will save you hours of typing. Insert blocks of text – even from files on disk – add custom message information, attach files and vCards and more, in just a few clicks
  • Integrated backup and restore: you can back up all configuration settings, directories and folders and restore this information from the backup file in case of accidental data loss. You can also add a comment to the backup file, select which accounts to back up and even password-protect the archive file
  • Advanced encryption: the internal PGP implementation, based on the award-winning OpenSSL, allows you to encrypt messages and sign them with digital signatures


The Bat is also a safe email communication system to help you manage all your messages in one place and ensure that your emails are always private and secure. Give your opinion on this software with a review.

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Usability: 8 /10 Speed: 9 /10 Features: 7.5 /10 Support: 8 /10 Pricing: 9 /10

Users Reviews


  1. The Bat is the only email client with a strong emphasis on security and also provides extensive customizing options. Support is excellent, as tech support usually responds within 24 hours. The product is upgraded approximately every two years. The upgrade price just increased considerably in past year, causing much complaining from users, but new plans are for more new features. A downside of The Bat is that it is complex, difficult to master, and documentation could be better. Persons new to The Bat should use it at least two or three months to gain comfort in day-to-day usage. After using several years, I still uncover features of which I had been unaware. Well worth the price.

  2. TheBat! could be the best program in the market if it was not for their high upgrading price and their unfair pushing clients into keep buying newer versions at close to full price. What I mean is this: 1. The program is really good, for very demanding email users who manage multiple accounts, many filters, virtual folders, great search, etc., is really good. 2. The program loses usability constantly because gmail changes their security certificates rendering TheBat! incapable of retrieving and sending email over google servers. The solution that Ritalabs provide? you guess right.. “upgrade the program” at a price that is pretty close to full price, meaning the fact of being a loyal customer for many years, does not help you much. A better care of customers would be either, providing patches for older versions for this particular problem, offering a discount of at least 50% for upgrades or acknowledgement that they like to charge customer every year, almost as a yearly subscription, except that customers are not really told that. I understand upgrades cost money, but it should be reasonable and the upgrade should be an option, not the only way to avoid TheBat! to become useless.

    • The above review is more a complaint than a review. What the individual is documenting is that a Gmail change caused out-of-support versions to not function properly. As with any supported software program, fixes are applied to the current version. Doing that is to encourage users to keep with the current version. This supports the user, knowing any problems will be fixed, and supports the vendor, knowing that with ongoing customer renewals that future support can be planned. Complaining that the vendor did not provide updates to older versions has nothing to do with the quality of the product.

      • I do not fully agree with what you wrote. These are no new features or fixes, but the possibility of using one of the largest email account providers. Out of respect for the people who paid for the product, this tiny patch should be delivered …

        A simple attempt to force a payment – nothing else.

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