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Are you a small business and would like to increase the number of your customers? Are you a startup with a limited budget to invest on advertising? The Accurate Reviews experts have created a list of free sms marketing software that may be right for you.


Sms marketing is a powerful tool, as all customers have access to mobile phones and always read messages that are sent shortly after receiving them. This means you are able to tap into a market that, virtually 100% of the time, will be open to what you have to offer. Unlike calls, emails and flyers that can be ignored and forgotten, this approach is very effective. Let’s look at what software provides this service for free.


Textedly is a truly functional and flexible text message marketing tool with a nice interface. The application helps businesses reach their target audience via their cell phones. By using text messaging for promotional and marketing purposes, they immediately reach their subscribers who are likely to have their phones with them most of the time. The software is easy to set up. In addition, Textedly offers advanced sms marketing tools that allow its users to send 300 messages per second with a generous plan that accommodates unlimited subscriptions. Businesses can even exceed the standard 160-character message limit. This allows them to say everything they need in a single text message so they can avoid flooding a subscriber’s phone.


Let’s look at how to send a text message with this sms marketing software:

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Omnisend is an omnichannel marketing automation platform for growth-focused ecommerce businesses. The software allows you to add multiple channels to the same automation workflow for seamless communications via email, sms, web push notifications and more. Omnisend offers an easy-to-use drag-and-drop visual composer for email and acquisition features to build your customer base. Automation features help you create robust automation workflows and customize your message based on customer data, campaign engagement, and purchase behavior. It offers integration with most ecommerce platforms and other marketing tools.


Here is a tutorial that explains how to set up a text message marketing campaign:

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Referrizer is a lead management and marketing automation software that helps businesses capture leads, track customer communications, manage referrals, reviews and more all in one centralized platform. Allows staff members to use integrated email marketing tools to manage promotions, loyalty programs, customer segmentation processes, marketing campaigns and overall customer relationships. It allows employees to create SEO optimized landing pages specific to products or services with review widgets, business maps, contact information, customer testimonials and other elements. It also allows marketers to send auto-reply messages, schedule text campaigns, establish two-way communications with customers, and send multimedia messages from a unified platform. Extremely flexible it can be integrated with software such as Zapier, Google Sheets, Salesforce, Clover, Gravity Forms and more.


Here is a tutorial in which it illustrates how to send mass text messages with this sms marketing software:

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MessageBird is a sms marketing platform that offers businesses better experiences in interacting with their customers. It is an omnichannel communication program, built for global scale, which includes all of people’s preferred channels in one place. We’re not just talking about sms, but also email, WhatsApp, Instagram Direct and even Google Maps. Applications that are directly managed by MessageBird ensuring customized support, custom notifications, optimized authentication and video meetings.


Below is a short video of this sms marketing software:

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Klaviyo is an easy-to-use, cloud-based marketing system that enables ecommerce marketers to effectively target, personalize, track and optimize their marketing campaigns, including email and Facebook campaigns. It simplifies segmentation without relying on traditional tools like spreadsheets and pulls data from existing ecommerce platforms, including POS and other marketing software. It also allows users to measure the performance of their marketing campaigns by facilitating the creation of meaningful reports and analysis with key metrics. From the dashboard, users can compare current and past campaign performance, view real-time activity streams, and add, edit or remove charts. Metrics give users the flexibility to analyze trends in orders, see changes in customer behavior, and track list growth.


Let’s look at how to create a message with this powerful and robust sms marketing program:

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