Galenic management feature: which software provides it?

In this article, Accurate Reviews explains which pharmacy management software has the function for galenic preparations and how to organize these medicines’ distribution.

Galenic management feature: which software provides it?

Galenics is the process that transforms an active ingredient into a ready-to-use medicine that can be dosed as needed. Galenic formulation deals with the preparation and composition principles of drugs in order to optimize their absorbance. It is the pharmacist’s job to create the medication, use the right packaging/dispensing device (blister, vial, inhaler, pre-filled syringe) and advertise that product. Let’s see which pharmacy management systems have this feature:


GoFrugal is a Point of Sale (POS) billing software that consists of a range of retail, restaurant and distribution solutions for multiple industries. The Cloud POS solution is accessible from anywhere via any device, benefiting from online and offline functionality thanks to data synchronization. Key features include multi-store management that supports centralized supplier management as well as a fully automated purchasing and reordering process. This includes the increase, creation and generation of purchase returns, purchase orders and GIN/GIR, in addition to the approvals management. Inventory control facilitates inventory tracking from procurement to sale, while BI-based reporting capabilities provide sales performance feedback sent directly to your inbox.


Let’s see how this pharmacy management software can help you in your job:

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SRS Pharmacy Systems

SRS Pharmacy Systems is a pharmacy management system designed to help pharmaceutical companies manage prescriptions, workflow setup, debit or credit card processing, barcode scanning and other administrative operations on a centralized platform. Healthcare professionals can analyze the average wholesale price (AWP) and usual prices (U&C) to identify potential revenue opportunities through the reports. The software allows pharmacists to scan paper copies of prescriptions, receive alerts on low profit margins, manage Rx withdrawal processes via text messages, and use high fonts to separate medications and avoid treatment errors. The certified platform Electronic8977 Prescriptions for Controlled Substances (EPCS) allows managers to acquire digital signatures and manage the processes of the Drug Pricing Program 340B. Pharmacists can automatically backup off-site data and use integrated point of sale (POS) capabilities to track prescriptions.


Let’s see this short video on this pharmacy management software:

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PioneerRx is a pharmacy management solution that helps independent organizations manage their business by supporting day-to-day operations. It can be deployed on premises or in the cloud. The main features are: medication therapy management (MTM), financial controls, inventory management, point of sale (POS) and reporting. The software has a built-in drug synchronization program that allows users to track patients’ prescription cycle. The MTM feature allows users to monitor their patients’ level of adherence to prescribed medications and to generate alerts in case of non-response. PioneerRx helps monitor financial data such as trade receivables, cash price analysis and third party reconciliation. The inventory management module helps with usage-based ordering, loan monitoring and automatic reordering points.


The interface is seamlessly integrated to provide the best possible workflow to access the most relevant clinical data and identifying missed opportunities and gaps in patient vaccination coverage. Let’s look at the tutorial:

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WinRX is a pharmacy management solution designed for the independent pharmacy environment. The features include adherence monitoring, drug and inventory therapy management, reconciliation of complaints and more. The software offers users various interfaces and additions that help users to customize their workflows with work automation, interactive voice answers (IVR) and online charging tools. This solution management tool allows users to manage their existing and pending requirements. The integrated inventory module allows users to keep track of the inventory on the shelves, process the incoming inventory and order new stock when requested.


The video shows how to book a doctor appointment:

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The FrameworkLTC platform is a fully integrated, scalable solution automates manual tasks so LTC pharmacies can focus on what matters most: improving patients’ lives. With input from market leaders and years of experience behind the counter, SoftWriters has created a leading software application that streamlines both robust workflow processes and non-standard transactions such as rejections, prior authorizations and re-billing. The features will help you have full visibility into all medications within your pharmacy locations, effectively manage your workflows, and produce simple to complex reports.


Here is a video about this pharmacy management software:

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